Fodder is the collective name for small animals and/or creatures that Spyro can defeat to regain health. If a fodder gets defeated, its body disappears, releasing a butterfly for Sparx the Dragonfly to eat. Starting with Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage!, every tenth butterfly released is a special extra life butterfly.

Spyro the Dragon Fodder


Sheep Artisans Homeworld
Stone Hill
FrogfodderSTDFrogs Dark Hollow
ChickenfodderChickens Town Square
RabbitfodderSTDRabbits Peace Keepers Homeworld
Dry Canyon
DinosaurFrilled Lizards Cliff Town
BatsBats Ice Cavern
SheepmagicGoat Sheep Magic Crafters Homeworld
Alpine Ridge
Wizard Peak
High Caves
ChickenBMSpotted Chickens

Beast Makers Homeworld
Terrace Village
Misty Bog
Tree Tops

MushroomMushrooms Dream Weavers Homeworld
Haunted Towers
Dark Passage
Lofty Castle
Rat fodderRats Gnorc Gnexus
Gnorc Cove
Twilight Harbour

Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage! Fodder

Ladybug fodder 3 Ladybug Glimmer
Sheepfodder Sheep Summer Forest
Crush's Dungeon
Autumn Plains
Cloud Temples
Robotica Farms
Ripto's Arena
Frogfodder Frogs Summer Forest
Autumn Plains
Mystic Marsh
Insectfodder Junebugs Idol Springs
Penguin2fodder Rock Hopper Penguins Colossus
Starfishfodder Starfish Sunny Beach
Rat fodder Rats Hurricos
Aquasheep Aqua Sheep Aquaria Towers
Firelizardfodder Lizards Skelos Badlands
Snowballfodder Snowballs Crystal Glacier
Clamfodder Clams Breeze Harbor
Grubfodder Caterpillars Zephyr
Snakes Snakes Scorch
Pigfodder Pigs Fracture Hills
Snailfodder Snails Magma Cone
Peacock Peacocks Shady Oasis
Chickenfodder Chicken Gulp's Overlook
Penguinfodder Penguins Winter Tundra
EggFodder Eggs Metropolis

Spyro: Year of the Dragon Fodder

Sheep fodder 3Sheep

Sunrise Spring
Enchanted Towers

Frog fodder 3Frog

Sunny Villa
Evening Lake

Duck fodder 3Duckling Cloud Spires
Slug fodder 3Slug Molten Crater
Duck1 fodder 3Blue-Footed Boobie Sheila's Alp
Rabbit fodder 3Rabbit

Midday Gardens
Bentley's Outpost

Duck2 fodder 3Duck Icy Peak
Lobster fodder 3Lobster Spooky Swamp
Bluefly fodder 3Blue fly Bamboo Terrace
Ladybug fodder 3Ladybug Sgt. Byrd's Base
Kiwi fodder 3Kiwi Frozen Altars
Hermitcrab fodder 3Hermit crab

Lost Fleet
Dino Mines

Firefly fodder 3Firefly Fireworks Factory
Princefrog fodder 3Frog Prince Charmed Ridge
Lizard fodder 3Lizard

Midnight Mountain
Desert Ruins

Turtle fodder 3Turtle Crystal Islands
Scarabbeetle fodder 3Scarab beetle Haunted Tomb
Beakers fodder 3Beaker

Agent 9's Lab

Spyro: Season of Ice Fodder

Sheepice Sheep

Autumn Fairy Home
Lava Prairie
Panda Gardens
Twilight Bulb Factory

Frog Frog

Spring Fairy Home
Roman City
Mermaid Coast
Summer Fairy Home

Snowball Snowball

Winter Fairy Home
Star Park
Grendor's Lair

Rabbitice Rabbit

Market Mesa
Hummingbird Fort
Honey Marsh
Time Machine Lab

Spyro 2: Season of Flame Fodder

Sheep spriteSheep

Sunny Plains
Starry Plains

Country Farm
Moon Fondue
Dreamy Castle
Crush (Boss level)

Bunny in Season of Flame and IceBunny Canyon Hop
Candy Lane
Winter Mesa
Lunar Ledges
Arctic Outback
Ripto's Mondo Volcano

Temple of Dune

Tiki Tropics


Celestial Plains

Gypsy Road

Haunted Hills

Spyro: Attack of the Rhynocs Fodder

Screenshot 119 Normal Sheep

Dragon Shores

Rabbit Habitat

Fairy Library

Rhynocs N' Clocks

Screenshot 113 Cold Sheep

Yeti Serengeti

Sgt. Byrd's Barracks

Screenshot 115 Relaxing Sheep

Banana Savannah

Cheetah Spot Spa

Kangaroo Hoodoos

Dragon Shores

Screenshot 114 Money Sheep

Thieves' Guild

Chateau Ripto

Moneybags' Mansion

Screenshot 120 Bipedal Sheep Professor's Secret Lab

Spyro: Enter the Dragonfly Fodder

SheepSheepDragon Realms
4cricket5Pink GrasshopperDragonfly Dojo
ChickenChickenCrop Circle Country
PelicanPelicanLuau Island
HoneymarshpigPigHoney Marsh
Starscloud9Yellow StarCloud 9

Thieves Den

RabbitRabbitMonkey Monastery
LizardLizardJurassic Jungle

Spyro: A Hero's Tail Fodder

SheepheroSheepDragon Village
Dragonfly Falls

Crocovile Swamp
Dragonfly Falls
Sunken Ruins
Red's Laboratory

ChickenCloudy Domain
RabbitIcy Wilderness worlds
Hermit CrabCoastal Remains
Stormy Beach
Seahorse1Seahorse(underwater parts of each realm)
BattBatCrocovile Swamp

Spyro: Shadow Legacy Fodder



  • The Sheep fodder has appeared in every game of the first Spyro the Dragon series.
  • The Bat fodder in Spyro the Dragon appears to be the only hostile fodder in the series. They will not hurt Spyro, but they will fly and circle him instead of fleeing like most other types of fodder.
  • All the fodder in Attack of the Rhynocs are sheep.
  • The Snail Fodder in Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage! is the only one in the game with 2 death animations; if flamed, it goes into its shell. If charged, it goes onto the top of its shell.
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