Foreman Bud is an ally who appears in the Idol Springs, a realm in Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage!. He serves as a guide to the three mini-games that must be played to gain an orb.

Sidequest: Foreman Bud's puzzles

There are three mini-games to be played. None of them are easy:

The Yellow Blocks

The point for the first mini-game is that for whichever block you jump on, that one and the two on either side will change color. If you get stuck, just talk to Bud. The easiest way is to simply jump on only the four corners, nothing else.

The Hungry Idol

After the frustration with the blocks, Bud will lead you to the small lake outside near where you have met Bob. The giant idol head is hungry, so will have to stand there and feed it ten fish by flaming them into its mouth. Watch out: if it eats a red fish, it will vomit out three fish. The more fish fed to it, the more likely a red fish will appear. This challenge is tricky, even if you have the infinite superflame cheat.

The Colored Stones

In the final mini-game, there are five stone buttons on the ground. The way to finish off this part is to press the buttons in the correct order: Green Star, Orange Diamond, Orange Crescent, White Crescent, Blue Circle. After you finish this mini-game, Bud will take you back to the area with the Yellow Blocks and open a chest, containing an orb, which is your prize.


Foreman Bud's puzzles - Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage!
Spyro 2 Orbs Idol Springs Foreman Bud's puzzles

Spyro 2 Orbs Idol Springs Foreman Bud's puzzles


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