Fracture Hills (ミュージカヒルズ; Musica Hills) is a dark, spooky place in Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage! where some trees and bushes will come alive and attack Spyro. It is home to fauns, and because of this, it is often thought that Elora comes from Fracture Hills, but this has yet to be confirmed. Prior to Spyro's arrival in this world, Earthshapers have turned the six Satyrs, and the temple, into stone to silence their music.


Opening Scene

The scene opens with a Satyr playing music on his bagpipe, while a faun and two pigs are dancing to the music. An Earthshaper nearby puts his hands to his ears, groaning, as he cannot take the music anymore. He walks up the hill to where the music is being played and stops. He then throws a rock up in the air and hits it with his weapon towards the Satyr. The stone collides with the Satyr, and petrifies him. With the music stopped, the pigs stop dancing and go back to walking around. The faun looks at the Satyr, surprised, and then looks at the Earthshaper, who laughs complacently.

Closing Scene

The scene opens with a Satyr playing music on his bagpipe, while a faun and a pig are dancing to his music. Three Earthshapers are seen with their hands to their ears, trying in vain to block out the music. The Satyr continues playing, and he smiles. One of the Earthshapers takes its hands off its ears. Its eyes, which are usually red, are now green. The Earthshaper cautiously looks at the other Earthshapers behind him. He then surprisingly, starts dancing to the Satyr's music, which has somehow calmed his angry and rageful spirit, if somewhat unwillingly.

Fracture Hills Intro and Closing Video Scene

Spyro Ripto's Rage Fracture Hills Intro and Extro

Spyro Ripto's Rage Fracture Hills Intro and Extro

Orb Challenges

Free the faun

  • Spinner the Faun will ask Spyro if he can help free her friend Krista, saying it is hard to find a locksmith at that time of night. Spyro will then have to use the supercharge powerup (14 enemies required) to break down barriers and follow a path around the realm to finally reach the door again. When Spyro breaks down the door and talks to Krista, she will thank him, saying she thought she would be stuck in there forever. She will then say that she found an orb in there and wanted Spyro to take it.

Alchemist escort

  • The Alchemist will ask Spyro to escort him to Hunter, saying it is difficult with the Earthshapers out there. The player will then have to push the Earthshapers out of the Alchemist's way, trying to not go too far ahead of the Alchemist or the Earthshapers will walk back to their original positions. When the Alchemist finally reaches Hunter, he will pour the potion on the stone, freeing Hunter's feet. Hunter will then say that his feet felt better and ask Spyro to look after an orb for him.

Earthshaper bash

  • Hunter will then ask Spyro as long as he is here if he would help Hunter take out the rest of the Earthshapers. If the player accepts, then Hunter will tell him that when he shoots an Earthshaper with an arrow, Spyro will have to headbash it before it gets back up. He will also say that they have to get all of them at once or they will just invite more friends. Once all seven are dead, Hunter will give Spyro an orb, saying he was going to give it to the Alchemist but he was annoyed at him at the moment.





Fracture Hills - Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage!
Spyro 2- Ripto's Rage! 100% Walkthrough - 15 - Fracture Hills

Spyro 2- Ripto's Rage! 100% Walkthrough - 15 - Fracture Hills

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  • Fracture Hills shares its theme with Idol Springs.
  • Fracture Hills is paired with Magma Cone, the latter of which was originally to be called "Fracture Cone."
  • Unlike other characters, none of the Satyrs are named; usually, multiple characters of one kind (for example, the monks from Colossus) all have different names. This is probably because the Satyrs are not released in any particular order.
  • If you stand and watch any Earthshaper from afar, they will use their pickaxe to scratch their behind.
  • The pigs will dance when the Satyrs play their bagpipes.
  • There are two ways to break the door that contains Krista the Faun. If you already possess the superflame, you could simply flame the door. Also, if you "charge jump" in the supercharge the opposite way, you can supercharge through the back of the building, and turn around to the door to break it.
  • The satyrs have Scottish accents and play bagpipes, a stereotype of Scotland.
  • The background of Fracture Hills looks similar to the background of Dark Hollow.
  • In some versions of the game, the opening cutscene to the level has Shady Oasis music playing in the background without the bagpipes playing. In other versions, the bagpipes are playing and the Idol Springs music is playing. It's unknown why this occurs.
  • It is possible to get into the main temple while it is still encased in stone. To do this, Spyro will have to double jump onto the boundaries near the fourth satyr then double jump and hover into the stone. Spyro can then head into the temple although the inside is glitched out while it is encased in stone. It is also impossible to get the talisman this way.