Frostbite Village is one of the areas inside the Icy Wilderness realm. It has soft, calming music and is surrounded by the snow falling from the sky. This world also includes two new penguins, Phil and Peggy.

Parts of the area cannot be explored until you have rescued Spyro and have found at least forty Light Gems (for the Supercharge gadget) and ninety-five (for the secret area).


Those marked under Post-Rescue are unavailable until after you have rescued Spyro, learned Wall Kick and have obtained at least 40 Light Gems.

Egg Locations


  • Blink: Complete Snowed Under in Easy Mode
  • Turret: Complete Iced TNT in Easy Mode
  • Flame: In a tunnel with several Eskimoles pushing TNT creates. Destroy the Dark Gem to reach it
  • Concept: Catch the thief


  • Turret: In a chest at the cold lake in the Eskimole Village
  • Blink: In a cave behind a smashable wall in the Icy Camp
  • Character Viewer: Chest in the secret location. Requires 95 Light Gems

Dark Gem Locations


  • In the entrance to a tunnel near Peggy.
  • In the first area on the way to the Gloomy Glacier, right near Blink


  • In front of the Remote Shop pad at the Eskimole Village.
  • At the cold lake at the Eskimole Village
  • Shoot down a metal ball in the Icy Camp to reveal a hidden pathway. A Dark Gem can be down down there.

Light Gem Locations


  • Complete Snowed Under in Hard Mode
  • Complete Iced TNT in Hard Mode
  • Next to a house in a high ledge near Peggy
  • In a cave near the location of the thief


  • At the Entrance to the Gloomy Glacier. You must rescue Spyro, first
  • Near the Supercharge Pannel after exiting Ice Citadel. Requires 40 Light Gems.
  • On a high ledge behind the Dark Gem's location at the Frozen Lake in the Eskimole Village
  • Shoot down a metal ball in the Icy Camp to reveal a hidden pathway. After smashing the Dark Gem, use the rotating platforms to reach a Light Gem.
  • On a ledge near some Eskimoles in the secret location. Requires 95 Light Gems.


Blink: Snowed Under

Like all Blink mini-games, you must complete the course within 30 minutes to receive either an egg (easy mode) or a Light Gem (hard mode).

Turret: Iced TNT

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