Gemcutters are inhabitants that reside in Glimmer, a realm of Avalar in Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage!. They are kangaroo rats that mine for gems. They are also the first race Spyro encounters in the game. Gemcutters create all of the gems found in Avalar, as Glimmer is the source of the realm's money system.



“Hi Spyro, welcome to Glimmer! Unfortunately for us a gang of lizards just showed up and started stealing stealing all of our gems! Can you stop them?”
    —Pogo the Gemcutter

The first inhabitant of Glimmer that Spyro encountered, Pogo asked for the dragon's help in defeating the lizards.


“We Gemcutters are a bit too short to climb these ladders... looks like you are too. After you learn how to climb, come back to Glimmer and see me.”
    —Whiskers the Gemcutter

When Spyro arrived in Glimmer, he saved Whiskers from being pursued by a lizard. Whiskers told Spyro he should come back and climb the nearby ladder once he had learned how to do so.


“Spyro, thanks for helping us fight off the lizards! Here, take this talisman of Glimmer as a sign of our gratitude.”
    —Twitchy the Gemcutter

Twitchy awaited Spyro at the portal leading to Summer Forest, where he gave Spyro the talisman of Glimmer.






  • Although Spyro had just arrived in Glimmer at the beginning of the game, the Gemcutter, Pogo, knew Spyro's name despite the dragon not mentioning his name to anyone in Avalar prior to his arrival, suggesting they have met at an earlier point off-screen.
  • In the original game, all the Gemcutters except for Bounsa had yellow helmets (while Bounsa's is red). In Reignited Trilogy, their helmets and fur are now different colours to help distinguish them further.