Gemcutters are inhabitants that reside in Glimmer, a realm of Avalar in Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage!. They are kangaroo rats that mine for gems. They are also the first race Spyro encounters in the game. Gemcutters create all of the gems found in Avalar, as Glimmer is the source of the realm's money system.




  • Although Spyro had just arrived in Glimmer at the beginning of the game, the Gemcutter, Pogo, knew Spyro's name despite the dragon not mentioning his name to anyone in Avalar prior to his arrival, suggesting they have met at an earlier point off-screen.
  • In the original game, all the Gemcutters except for Bounsa had yellow helmets (while Bounsa's is red). In Reignited Trilogy, their helmets and fur are now different colours to help distinguish them further.