“Have you seen any of our giant chickens? The rhynocs have been trying to eat them all.”
    —Citizen Horace

Giant Chickens are oversized chickens found in the Sunny Villa world of Spyro: Year of the Dragon.

One Giant Chicken is first seen chased by a Club Rhynoc before getting caught off-screen from the area where the Coward Rhynoc chasing Citizen Horace around the small pool.

According to Citizen Horace, Rhynocs have attempted to eat every Giant Chickens from Sunny Villa. If revisiting Horace later on, a Giant Chicken is here with him.


  • The Giant Chickens' drumstick legs are used as massive clubs seen wielded by Club Rhynocs.
  • If hacking the game while the scene plays where the Club Rhynoc chasing the Giant Chicken, the Club Rhynoc disappears as soon as bursting feathers appear while the Giant Chicken is stuck but still running before disappearing after few moments, as revealed from this video here.
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