Gloomy Glacier is a world in the Icy Wilderness homeworld. Hunter is the only one able to explore this realm. It features the cameo of Bentley the Yeti from Spyro: Year of the Dragon, whose house was invaded by yetis from a different tribe.


When Spyro was captured by a Mammoth that worked for Red, Sparx managed to escape and inform Hunter. At the end of the Glacier, Hunter found Spyro inside the Ice Citadel trapped in a cage above a pit (possibly bottomless), and freed him using his bow and arrow. Spyro escaped by gliding down from his cage, then said that he was going to take care of Red on his own, even though Hunter asked to tag along.


Egg Locations

  • Ember: In a chest next to Bentley's bed
  • Turret: In a chest after the Battle with the Twelve Zombies
  • Ember: Behind a breakable wall in the Chamber of the Swinging Axes after the Battle with the Twelve Zombies
  • Character Viewer: Underneath the first path in the Halfway Cavern.
  • Flame: Reach the end of the cavern with the moving boulders and rotating bones.
  • Sparx: Complete Frosty Flight in Easy Mode

Light Gem Locations

  • A gift from Bentley after taking care of the invading yetis.
  • On a small ledge. Triggers the Battle with the Twelve Zombies.
  • Before the Halfway Cavern, you'll notice a yeti behind a pile of bones throwing snowballs at you quickly. Break down the barrier, defeat the yeti, and you'll spot a Light Gem.
  • Behind a yeti in the cavern with the moving boulders and rotating bones.
  • Complete Frosty Flight in Hard Mode
  • In the Final Glacier, after the Frosty Flight sign, jump onto the moving platform to reach the ledge with the Yeti. Jump onto the breakable ledges and reach the Light Gem.
  • After reaching the other side of the climbable wall, use the arrows to hit a target behind the yeti. You'll then be able to enter the high room with the Light Gem.
  • At the end of the Glacier, just before rescuing Spyro.




  • Sparx: Frosty Flight



  • This is the only realm in the game without Dark Gems, excluding Boss Realms and Speedways.
  • The Light Gem that Bentley gives out is a late birthday present for Hunter.
  • This is the only non-Spyro Realm in the game (not counting the Speedways).
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