“Man, I gotta get my head in the game!”
    —Gnasty Gnorc

Gnasty's Cave is the first boss realm in Spyro: A Hero's Tail where Spyro battles Gnasty Gnorc.





Before you start the battle, it is recommended that you acquire the extra Health Point for Sparx. At the main shop, it will cost 5,000 Gems.

When the battle begins, Gnasty will use his staff to hit the ground. Dodge the white line by jumping. While he tries to pull back up his staff, the armor around his rear will go up. Flame that area. After he puts the fire out, Gnasty will then hit the ground three times. Dodge by double jumping and gliding. He will then make another hit on the ground, where three white puffs will head towards Spyro. Dodge by jumping and gliding and flame the rear again. Repeat this strategy until Gnasty's health bar reaches only 2/3 left. The game will automatically save, so you won't have to repeat the first third of the battle if you are knocked out.

When Round 2 begins, Gnasty will hit the ground three times. Remember: jump and glide will serve as an evasion strategy. Gnasty will then hit the ground so hard, that rocks will start to fall down. Stay along the edge of the battle ground for the best defence. After the rocks disappear, Gnasty will hit the ground again; jump to dodge the line. Then, head towards his rear and flame the same area as before. The second part is the same, but after the rocks, Gnasty will cause the three white puffs to appear again. Jump and glide to avoid getting hit, and head for the rear and flame it. Repeat this, and Gnasty will only have 1/3 of his health left. The game will save again to avoid having to repeat the battle.

Round 3 is where Gnasty will start to use Electricity, and this is thought to be the hardest round. He will start by hitting the ground three times, so jump and glide to avoid being hit. Gnasty will then use his staff to create an electric line and will try to hit Spyro with it; dodge by charging. Gnasty will then hit the ground; and unlike the other times, electricity will also be present. Double jump and glide to avoid being electricuted, and flame Gnasty's rear. After getting over his burning rear end, Gnasty will hit the ground three times again. After dodging the lines, Gnasty will send some volts towards you. Jump to avoid the first one, but charge down to avoid the second one, as that one is also in the air. Now's your chance to flame Gnasty's rear again. After avoiding the three lines Gnasty created by hitting the ground, avoid the volts by jumping and gliding away from them. Go flame Gansty's rear one last time, and you will have defeated Gnasty Gnorc!


“A third time? No! This time you have really defeated me! That stinks!”
    —Gnasty Gnorc

With Gnasty Gnorc having finally been defeated again, Amp will come out of her slumber and grant Spyro a new breath: Electricity. Zoe will also appear and will zap Spyro so that your progress is saved. Use your new breath on the platform in front of you to leave the battle area. Keep zapping it until you reach the other side of the area. After that, the platform will head back, and you can never return to the battleground.


Defeating Gnasty in Hero's Tail

Defeating Gnasty in Hero's Tail