Gnorc Cove (ナスティ ハーバー 6-1 Gnasty Harbor 6-1 in Japanese) is a world which appears in Gnasty's World Homeworld. Steel Barrels and TNT Barrels are abundant here, along with Gnorcs that throw them. A few Gnorcs are also lacking clothes and attack Spyro by slapping him. Often there are Gnorcs dressed like mechanics that carry wrenches. Most stand atop steel barrels and whack Spyro over the head with the wrench. This appears to be a dock for loading and unloading explosives for a fight against the dragons. A couple of boats act as the path to the end of the level, although their interiors are sorely lacking.


  • Gems: 400





Spyro the Dragon 120% Walkthrough - 32 - Gnorc Cove

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  • Spyro makes a Parappa the Rapper reference when he tells Tomas, "You gotta believe!"
  • This is one of a few levels where you do not need to find the key to open the locked chest - you can break it open with the exploding metal barrels that pop up in its room. This will cause the key to disappear from the level.
    • Similar tricks can be performed in the Magic Crafters home my supercharging the locked chest there.
  • This level's background appears to be a recoloured variant of the one used in Gnasty's World.
  • In the unreleased June 1998 Prototype, this level's name is switched with Twilight Harbour, despite having the correct name in an earlier build. This may be due to the fact that the levels changed ID values around this point in development, and the names may have still been assigned to the wrong IDs.
  • In early builds of the game, this level has been heard to use the Peace Keepers theme, and in later builds the Alpine Ridge theme instead. The level also once housed a third dragon near the end of the level, but no cutscene plays upon its collection.
  • In the original game, it is said that the enemies in this level (especially the Engineers) look like the balloonists that can be seen in each Homeworld, but the species of these NPCs is unknown. In Reignited, they are redesigned to look more like Gnorcs.
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