Goblin Messengers are enemies found in the DS version of The Legend of Spyro: Dawn of the Dragon. They are almost immune to Spyro's Electricity, but the best way to defeat them is to dodge its attacks then jump up and hit them as many times as you can, then do that again till you defeat them. Another good strategy is to hit them with Spyro's earth breath from far away, until they are defeated.


The first Goblin Messenger appeared around the end of Catacombs, where it tried to ambush Spyro and Cynder. A few later appeared in Warfang, and they were more numerous in the Dam, where one of them at the beginning of the level once again tried to ambush the dragons. They once again appeared when Spyro and Cynder were going inside the Destroyer, to try and destroy it's main dark crystal. The ones here attacked by performing a kamikaze roll attack to try and harm the dragons.



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