Goons[1] (also known as Common Gnorcs and Basic Gnorcs) are small, green, weak Gnorcs that were duplicated and transformed into gems. They commonly wear beanie-style hats, which indicate that they work for Gnasty Gnorc. They are the most common form of Gnorc, even though they are slightly altered for different regions to better fight Spyro.


Goons first appeared in the Artisans homeworld during the time of the Spyro the Dragon video game. They are considered the weakest enemies, as they do not fight back, instead cowering and making small-scale attempts to run away and hide when Spyro approaches them.

Being that Spyro is much faster than the Goons, he is able to outrun and catch them. Several varieties exist, spanning throughout the different homeworlds, all of them capable of fighting Spyro.

Traits, Appearance, and Abilities

Goons are solid green with dark forest green beanie hats. They possess no weapons, and lack the ability to fight. They tend to cower in a hiding place should Spyro evade catching them.


The most common basic Gnorc are cowardly towards Spyro, running as soon as they see him.



  • Though there are many names for this kind of Gnorc, the official term is "Common Gnorc."


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