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The Great War was a war waged between the forces of light and darkness, decades before the events of the Skylanders Academy television show. Though long over, it is the backstory to the show's events and characters, and its consequences still threaten the Skylands.


With Strykore and other villains rising in power as he devoured the light energy of creatures, the Core of Light was threatened with its great guardians, the Purple Dragons, corrupted by the evil wizard's magic. The dragons' protector, Master Eon, was then forced to seal the dragons away by using powers far beyond his control, sending them to parts unknown to save the Core; while Strykore was betrayed by Kaossandra, who realized the true danger of destroying the universe's balance, and sealed him in the Book of Dark Magic with Eon's help.

Seeing the threat the Core of Light suffered even after the evil wizard's defeat, Master Eon put it inside The Isle of the Citadel that he himself built, and for a long time used it as a fortress of solitude to think of what to do next to protect the Skylands.

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