“Please do something about these green druids. They insist on moving everything in sight!”

Green Druids are enemies that are only appeared in original Spyro the Dragon, and encountered in Magic Crafters homeworld.

They can be defeated by flaming or charging on them. They use their magic to raise or move platforms and obstacles, laughing heartily if they raised the platforms before Spyro defeats them. Sometimes, when Spyro gets past their magic controlled obstacles, the Druids will panic, running in circles and yelling until Spyro finishes them. However, if Spyro turns away from any Druids before dispatching them, they will stop panicking and start laughing heartily and point mockingly at Spyro again. They seem to be enemies with the Elder Wizards, for some green Druids can be seen fighting against them.

They are stationed in the Magic Crafters homeworld, Alpine Ridge, High Caves, and Blowhard realm. However, they do not appear in Wizard Peak.


Green Druids can be defeated either by charging or flaming them. But in order to dispatch them efficiently, you have to have timing on your side. If you do not dispatch them quickly, they will use their manipulative powers on their surroundings to get away from you. In the home world, you'll have to perform the supercharge. In Alpine Ridge, you have to know their patterns, because if you don't, they will send you into the abyss. In High Caves, you'll want to be good on with timed flight, because you may not find land again if they get the better of you.

And inside the cave at Blowhard, there resides a sub-species of the Green Druid. Be sure to use your flame breath, because these Druids cannot be defeated by charging, as they are bigger than the regular ones. Be careful when fighting the last two, as they move the narrow platforms towards them. Hop on just as it comes to a stop on your position. When the platform pauses for a brief moment next to them, flame, and then leap just as your platform begins to go backwards. They also stand on small platforms, so don't get careless with your platforming or you will fall down into the water below.


Number of Druids present in each level:


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