Green Wizards[1] are enemies that wear green robes and float above the ground. They also have their own thundercloud hovering above their heads. They attack with a lighting bolt but a quick flame or charge will stop them for good. Green Wizards are closely related to the Blue Wizards, only they are much younger and smaller and can be distinguished by their green clothing.

There are also a variety of Wizards that appear in Haunted Towers, except their robes are blue with white patterns on them, possibly lightning bolts, and their hats are white. These Weather Wizards not only shoot lightning bolts at Spyro, but they bring the empty suits of armor scattered around the level to life.



  • One of the first photos in the Spyro Reignited Trilogy had the Green Wizards’ robes look similar to the original. In the teaser trailer, and a later photo, the robes are coloured a darker green.


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