“"ARGH! This Spell Book is worthless! Look what it did to me! I've got two heads and four headaches!”

Grendor is a librarian in the library of paths and knowledge, the leader of the Rhynocs, and the main antagonist in Spyro: Season of Ice. Unlike most Spyro villains, he was defeated, but he never died, and he renounced his evil intentions.


In his normal form, Grendor is a simple, pink rhynoc. When the spell backfired, Grendor turned into a large, red and green rhynoc with two heads, the green head is always shown to be sad whilst the other is always enraged.


Grendor was a Rhynoc who stole the Sorceress's Spell Book from Bianca and used it to try and make himself more intelligent. Unfortunately, the spell backfired and accelarated his growth, and caused him to gain an extra head and a massive headache, which drove him towards fits of rage and corrupted his mind. To try to reverse the effects, he began to prepare a potion that required the wings of 100 fairies. He then invaded the Fairy Realms, froze all of the fairies in ice, and deployed Rhynocs to gather those frozen fairies.

Unfortunately for Grendor's plan, Spyro managed to free ninety-nine of those fairies and was able to confront him in his lair. There, he defeated Grendor and rescued Zoe. Upon being freed, Zoe casted a simple spell and Grendor returned to his normal pink form. He apologized for his actions and thanked them for freeing him of his psychosis, happy that he no longer had a headache.