The Grove Underground is an area in the Ancient Grove where Spyro first battles his way through hordes of Skavengers, and also where Arborick resides.


After recovering his Ice abilities, Spyro and Sparx encounter a group of enemies called Skavengers. They both eventually reach the area where the tree from Spyro's dream resides, only to discover an aggressive tree sentinel named Arborick. After defeating the creature, Spyro is confronted by a group of Skavengers lead by their captain, Skabb. Skabb's parrots, Scratch and Sniff, reveal that they intended to capture Arborick as the star attraction for their tournament, but since Spyro killed the tree sentinel, they decided to replace Arborick with the young dragon. The Skavengers proceeded to knock Spyro unconscious and take him and Sparx aboard the flying ship of Fellmuth Arena.