This article is about the dragon characters in the Legend series. You may be looking for the enemy versions who appear in the DS version of Dawn of the Dragon.

The Guardians are a group of dragons in The Legend of Spyro series who are masters of an element. In addition, they are responsible for watching over the Dragon Eggs, training young dragons in the ancient ways, and presumably other things as well. There is one Dragon Guardian for each element, but four remain after many other guardians lost their lives during the war against Malefor's forces.

Not to be confused with Dragon Elders, the Guardians only appear in The Legend of Spyro trilogy.


In dragon culture, the Guardians are the warrior monks, raising and training selected young dragons to become their students, scholars and warriors.[1] During the war between the Dark Armies, many Guardians lost their lives, leaving only four Dragon Guardians remaining: Ignitus, Terrador, Cyril, and Volteer.[2]

List of Guardians

Guardian of Fire

Ignitus is the master of Fire, and the leader of the dragon guardians. He can do, or used to do, very powerful fire attacks, but, as it is shown in A New Beginning, doing a fury attack is difficult for him and it takes a lot more time for him to recover since he has grown older. Ignitus is also Spyro's father figure and mentor in The Legend of Spyro series.

Guardian of Ice

Cyril is the master of Ice. He is very arrogant and proud, and he and Volteer argue a lot, and it is usually up to Ignitus to stop them.

Guardian of Earth

Terrador is the master of Earth. He is second-in-command, the most militant and most calm of the of the dragon guardians. Within the range of Attack Power, Terrador seems to be the strongest.

Guardian of Electricity

Volteer is the master of Electricity. He talks a lot about nothing, usually using big words while doing so, making him seem very enegetic for his age. He and Cyril argue a lot and its usually up to Ignitus to stop them.


  • In Dawn of the Dragon, due to the character designs and the rushed production of the game, few of the Guardians can be seen smiling almost constantly, even in grim situations.
  • The Guardians originally had different names before they were selected Guardian of an element.[3]
  • According to Jared Pullen, in response to Cynder's return to the Dragon Temple, the four remaining Guardians were intended to be in a debate over Cynder's stay at the Temple. Cyril was the most vocal against the decision, and Ignitus strongly supported Cynder's re-inclusion, as he felt he had failed Cynder on levels the other Guardians could not imagine. His guilt, coupled with his understanding of failure prompted him to reach out to Cynder in this way. Terrador seconded the notion, trusting in Ignitus's judgement and out of respect for his close ally. Volteer endlessly debated the pros and cons of Cynder's return until Cyril finally grew tired of all the conjecture and relented![4]


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