Gunfighter Dinos[1] are green dinosaurs wearing cowboy garbs and wielding two guns. When they see Spyro, they will fire his guns at him continually. They will stop shooting Spyro when Spyro is either defeated or when he can no longer see him. They appear only in Dino Mines.

Before the Gunfighter Dinos shoot Spyro, they will flip their guns in the air, and flip them again if they successfully shoot Spyro. There are three types of this enemy: the normal gunslinging green dinos, blue dynamite throwing dinos, and a special dark green, red hat wearing dino that is worth a Skill Point if shot in the Agent 9 area.

Gunfighter Dinos also appear in the epilogue where they are robbing Moneybags, with a caption that says "The Bailey Gang finds a new target."

In the Spyro Reignited Trilogy, the Gunfighter Dinos now wear brown shirts with a visible belt for their pistol pouches, have boots, and the hat also covers their eyes.



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