“Have you seen my bwother Handel? He's stupid and wearing an ugwy shirt...”

Handel is one of the two child secret agents, debuting in Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage!, first seen along with his twin sister, Greta, in the desert world, Scorch. He later appeared in Spyro: Year of the Dragon, at the Fireworks Factory.


Handel is obviously not as smart as Greta, though in Ripto's Rage!, he spoke normally, unlike Greta. He tends to get distracted easily, as shown when he fell for a lollipop trap. He also tends to get into trouble, and would need either Spyro or Agent 9 to rescue him. He appears to have a sibling rivalry with Greta, as several dialogue snippets in Scorch have him insulting her and insulating that he's the better agent.


Handel's skill at standard combat is unknown, but if he holds hands with his sister, his eyes turn red and he can perform a powerful spell that can knock enemies out of places such as the castle in Scorch. He also seems to have a power to prevent himself from getting killed by an explosion, as the bomb he was tied to exploded, but he survived, unharmed.


Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage!

Handel's assignment, along with Greta's, was to blow up the enemy palace in Scorch and acquire the flag as proof the mission was completed. Handel had fallen for a trap with a lollipop suspended in midair, and Greta had to continue without him. Spyro had to help the twins in order to receive the Talisman, which was the Emerald Scarab, which was stolen not by Handel, but by Greta instead. After Spyro exited Scorch with the Talisman in hand, Greta and Handel became surrounded by their enemies. The two held each other's hands, and when their hands connected, their eyes turned piercing red, and they conjured orbs of yellow light in their hands. They then threw the orbs at the guards, knocking them out.

It was revealed in the epilogue of the original game that Agent Zero took Handel and Greta under his wing as his new recruits.

Spyro: Year of the Dragon

Handel and Greta were seen again at Fireworks Factory, this time, wearing white ninja outfits. Handel was attacked by two dragon-like monsters, but Spyro saved him by flying around and using the Super Flame breath. Handel found another Dragon Egg in a secret area, but it was too high for him to get it, so it was up to Spyro to go through the maze and retrieve it.

Later on, he told Agent 9 of an egg at the end of a maze, but was captured while the monkey spy was blasting away the Ninja Rhynocs and tied to a bomb. When Agent 9 returned, the bomb exploded. However, Handel somehow survived the explosion. Thankful, he gave the other egg he had been holding to Agent 9. It was unknown what happened to him ever since and it can assumed he and Greta are reunited and returned to Avalar.



  • His name is a play on "Hansel" from the fairy tale story, Hansel & Gretel.
  • Though Handel and Greta both claim to be "secret agents," it is unknown who they are working for and for what purpose. They may work for Agent Zero as it was noted in the epilogue of Spyro 2 that they were recruited by him.
    • Another theory is that they work for some sort of unknown government, which would explain the scene of the first game being held in an area similar to the Middle East, which just started having conflicts with the American government at the time of the game's release.
  • At the Fireworks Factory, Handel can only be seen in challenge portals and the only ally (other than Agent 9) you can see after Greta goes to Evening Lake to work on the Professor's rocket.
  • In Ripto's Rage!, he spoke normally, unlike Greta. In Year of the Dragon, however, his voice became more raspy and he sometimes replaced his Rs and Ls with W's, like his sister.
    • As a result, Handel is one of only two characters to change their speech function after his debut appearance, with the other being Bentley the Yeti.
    • His change of speech was later fixed in the Spyro Reignited Trilogy.
  • Unlike Greta, he is not shown to have any superhuman abilities in Fireworks Factory, although he may still have them.
  • If you return to Fireworks Factory after unlocking Midnight Mountain, only Handel is present, while Greta is nowhere to be found.