This certain glitch in Harbor Speedway is very difficult to trigger.

To perform this glitch you have to complete all three challenges on Harbor Speedway, but not exit the level. Start a Time trial and here comes the tricky part. You must edge your way over the center mountain. This is very difficult, and is recommended that you find the lowest ridge. A trick is to fall down and before you hit the ground fly back up, hover then charge forward, it may take 15-20 tries with this method.

Once you manage to get over the mountain Spyro will begin to glitch (this is normal) and teleport back to the beginning of the time trial, but there are major glitches far from that. Everything has changed color and you can see coding of the game. For example Hunter's fur is now purple with a few orange patches. If you attempt to talk to either hunter or Sparx, the text is now blotches of squares where the words are meant to be. if you go to the pause screen the same thing happens.

Flying as Hunter or Spyro is now edgy and hard to control. If racing against the blue footed boobies they do not appear, making the challenge near impossible, since the rings are invisible.

This glitch only works the first time you enter the level, if you exit and re-enter the glitch will not happen.

Note: that I've seen this twice and twice only both on my system. I don‘t not know if it happens on all copies, the one I'm using is downloaded from PSN. Unknown if it works on any other versions.

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