Hats are one of the collectible items in the Skylanders series. They can be worn by your Skylanders and are saved on the figure so they'll wear the same hat everywhere. Hats give stats bonuses in the console versions. They are cosmetic in the 3DS.

List of Hats

These hats can be onbtained in all versions of the Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure game.

Name Console Zone 3DS Zone Bonus (Console only)
Viking Helmet Shattered Island Glacial Slopes +5 Critical Hit
Anvil Hat Shattered Island Ashburrow +5 Armor
Pan Hat Shattered Island Radiant Fountain +2 Armor +2 Elemental Power
Cowboy Hat Perilous Pastures Cinderstream Pass +2 Critical Hit +2 Armor
Birthday Hat Perilous Pastures Towersight Fields +2 Critical Hit +1 Speed
Jester Hat Sky Schooner Docks Leaflook Village +1 Speed +2 Elemental Power
Tropical Turban Darkwater Cove Aurora Peak +2 Speed +5 Elemental Power
Napoleon Hat Leviathan Lagoon Sunblight Wood +5 Armor +5 Elemental Power
Trojan Helmet Crystal Eye Castle The Proving Grounds +10 Armor
Coonskin Cap Falling Forest Flooded Viaducts +10 Critical Hit
Rocket Hat Troll Warehouse Flooded Viaducts +6 Speed
General's Hat Goo Factory Galecrack Castle +7 Critical Hit +7 Elemental Power
Spiked Hat Battlefield Sunblight Wood +7 Critical Hit +7 Armor
Combat Hat Battlefield Dreamgardens +15 Elemental Power
Crown of Light Cadaverous Crypt Luminous Quarry +15 Armor
Bone Head Cadaverous Crypt Daystar Temple +3 Speed +7 Elemental Power
Miner Hat Molekin Mine Lava Flow Grotto +7 Armor +7 Elemental Power
Wizard Hat Arkeyan Armory Treetop Circle +25 Elemental Power
Chef Hat Darklight Crypt The Spectery +10 Critical Hit +10 Elemental Power
Pumpkin Hat Darklight Crypt Wighthaunt +10 Armor
Pirate Hat Pirate Seas Windjammer Bay +20 Critical Hit
Pirate Doo Rag Pirate Seas Pontoon Point +4 Speed
Santa Hat Empire of Ice Winterwatch Keep +20 Armor
Cossack Hat Empire of Ice Coldburn

+10 Elemental Power

Eye Hat Crystal Eye Castle Snowblind Hills +5 Critical Hit +5 Elemental Power
Fancy Hat Stormy Stronghold Thundersquall +1 Speed +2 Armor
Fez Stormy Stronghold Lava Flow Grotto +5 Elemental Power
Plunger Head Oilspill Island Magma Bank Island +2 Critical Hit +2 Elemental Power
Propeller Cap Sky Schooner Docks Towersight Fields +3 Speed
Tiki Hat Dark Water Cove Waterwalk Way

+10 Elemental Power

Wabbit Ears Lair of Kaos Leaflook Village +5 Speed +12 Armor
Beret Crawling Catacombs Cinderstream Pass +15 Critical Hit
Lil Devil Lava Lakes Railway Frostsedge +9 Speed
Moose Hat Treetop Terrace Whipwind Mountains +2 Speed +5 Armor
Rocker Hair Creepy Citadel Snowblind Hills +7 Critical Hit +3 Elemental Power
Royal Crown Dragon's Peak The Wingwarrens +10 Critical Hit
Spy Gear Troll Warehouse Icelight +2 Speed +5 Critical Hit
Top Hat Stonetown Stormseye +5 Armor +5 Critical Hit
Unicorn Hat Quicksilver Vault Daystar Temple +12 Armor +12 Critical Hit
Winged Hat Dragon's Peak The Pit +12 Speed

Version Specific Hats

These hats can only be obtained with specific versions of the game but are unlocked from the start.

Name Version Bonus (Console only)
Balloon Hat 3DS +2 Critical Hit +2 Armor
Bowler Hat PC +2 Critical Hit +2 Armor
Flower Hat Xbox 360 +2 Critical Hit +2 Armor
Happy Birthday! Wii +2 Critical Hit +2 Armor
Straw Hat PS3 +2 Critical Hit +2 Armor

Tips & Tricks

  • Console: Although some stat bonuses can appear quite substantial on some hats, the overall effect on the gameplay is negligible in most cases. For example, the Crown of Light grants a mere 5% additional chance that an attack will be blocked. The Pirate Hat (which gives the most Critical Hit) adds just 4% additional chance of attacks doing +50% more damage. These minor bonuses will not compensate for lack of skill and will rarely make a difference during normal gameplay. Feel free to wear the hat you like, or no hat at all!
  • Hats are the only collectibles you find that don't appear in your "collections" but appear in your skylanders "stats" under the "manage" bar.


  • Some of the bystander characters can be seen wearing the same hats the Skylanders collect.
  • The Wabbit Ears hat was probably a reference to the way Elmer Fudd says "rabbit" in Looney Tunes.
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