“Your appearance has changed, but not your eyes: your eyes give everything away. You are the black dragon... Cynder; the Terror of The Skies... the Dark Master's Puppet.”
    —The Hermit

The Hermit is an old cheetah in The Legend of Spyro: Dawn of the Dragon who lives at the top of a waterfall on the other side of the Valley of Avalar.


The Hermit is a tall, ancient, bluish-white colored cheetah with a long staff that seems to have what appears to be a magical crystal mounted on top. He appears to be very wise, yet disturbingly deranged at the same time. His disturbing warnings are only emphasized by his raspy cackling voice.


The Hermit was run into by Spyro, Cynder and Sparx, who came to his cave to get a key to accomplish a rescue mission for Chief Prowlus and Meadow. After defeating a horde of ghoul like creatures, the Hermit emerged and recognized Cynder as the black dragon who was controlled by Malefor, telling her that the creatures that she helped kill were actually what remained of the Apes from Malefor's army. The Hermit then told Spyro and Cynder that the Apes only served Malefor for their own greed and thirst for power than any true loyalty to him, and that Malefor repaid them by turning the Apes into skeletons, dooming them to remain in the darkness. The old Hermit then proceeded to cackle insanely after warning Cynder of a fate she may very well suffer for being in service to Malefor, and that the Dark Master would find her for betraying him. This troubled Cynder, and both she and Spyro walk away from the Hermit, not wanting to hear anymore of his words.

Fortunately, Spyro and Cynder's mission didn't go in vain, as Sparx managed to swipe the key from the Hermit without him knowing, allowing the three to continue on their mission to help Meadow get back to the Cheetah Village. Afterwards, the Hermit can also be seen sitting next to an armor chest in his hut after talking with him.



  • The Hermit appears to know a lot about Malefor, as he was familiar with the Dark Master's ways of dealing with traitors.
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