Hero Orcs are one of the strongest type of Orcs in The Legend of Spyro: Dawn of the Dragon. Their rank is that of the Ape Commanders from Spyro's previous two adventures.


One of the notable Hero Orcs was the one who was the leader of the group of Grublins that ventured into the ruins of the Mountain of Malefor and freed Spyro and Cynder from their three-year sleep. After shackling them with the green snake chains, the Orc and the Grublins dragged the two unconscious dragons away to Catacombs to be sacrificed to the Golem. The Hero Orc Leader appeared again near the platform Spyro and Cynder were chained to, noticing that the two dragons have awakened too soon before the Golem arrived, and commanded to the Grublins to stop them before they could escape.

At the Dam, another Hero Orc (supposedly the same one) appeared, flanked by two Orc Archers, urging Spyro and Cynder to surrender to grant them quick deaths before engaging in battle against them to stop them from destoying the Dam. In the end, it was ultimately defeated.

Other Hero Orcs are later battled through the rest of the game.


Hero Orcs are one of the game's toughest enemies, maybe even the longest to defeat. Their shields need to be destroyed and their spiked clubs have to be disarmed in order to attack them at full power. The swinging blows from their clubs are devastating, and they need to be disarmed from their weapons in order for them to be temporarily defenseless.

Cynder's primary wind breath and Spyro's primary electrcity breath are both just as effective against Hero Orc's as each other as both attacks leave them dissarmed. However Cynder's wind breath only slows down the Hero Orcs where as Spyro's electricity breath leaves the enemy stunned for as long as the player is attacking the enemy.



  • If subtitles are turned on during the game, the player can understand the Hero Orc Leader's garbled speech, as well as that of the Grublins.
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