Heroic Challenges are a special kind of training level in the console versions of Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure. They must be completed within a set amount of time and reward a stat bonus when completed. Each Skylander has their own Heroic Challenge, but all Skylanders can do all of them.

In Spyro's Adventure, the Heroic Challenges are playable after rescuing Cali in Perilous Pastures and then talking to her in the Ruins. To unlock a specific challenge, the corresponding Skylander must be linked to that save game. 

List of Challenges

Nr. Skylander Name Bonus Description
1 Warnado Chompy Chomp-Down Elemental Power (+9) Take out 100 Chompies and other enemies.
2 Ghost Roaster This Bomb's for You Armor (+3) Fight Trolls to find the 5 singing gems.
3 Wrecking Ball Jump For It! Speed (+8) Jump around and collect all charms.
4 Spyro Where Art Thou, Paintings Critical Hit (+5) Destroy the 6 ghostly paintings.
5 Prism Break Lair of the Giant Spiders Critical Hit (+5) Clear this mine of 6 giant spiders.
6 Lightning Rod Fight, Teleport, Fight! Armor (+3) Fight and teleport your way to the tribal mask.
7 Hex The Three Teleporters Armor (+3) Find the correct path to the Golden Spork.
8 Dino-Rang Stop, Sheep Thieves! Armor (+3) Rescue 6 sheep from thieves inside the mine.
9 Bash Mining for Charms Critical Hit (+5) Find magical ore buried within the rocks.
10 Series 1 Cynder / Series 2 Chop Chop Dungeoness Creeps Critical Hit (+5) Search the dungeon for 13 armber medallions.
11 Ignitor Mining Is The Key Speed (+8) Break rocks to find the keys to find the treasure.
12 Stump Smash Mission Achomplished Armor (+3) Pick a path and take out the Chompies.
13 Series 1 Chop Chop Pod Gauntlet Elemental Power (+9) Find your way through the pod maze.
14 Sonic Boom Time's A-Wastin' Critical Hit (+5) Take out enemies for extra time needed to exit.
15 Drobot Save The Purple Chompies! Speed (+8) Hit Green Chompies, Not Purple! WARNING: This is tough!
16 Terrafin Spawner Cave Critical Hit (+5) Take out 100 Chompies by finding the best spawners.
17 Sunburn Arachnid Antechamber Armor (+3) Defeat 8 Giant Spiders in this dungeon.
18 Trigger Happy Hobson's Choice Speed (+8) Fight and teleport your way to find the antique vanity.
19 Eruptor Isle of the Automatons Elemental Power (+9) Destroy Automatons and other enemies to score 75 points.
20 Double Trouble You Break It, You Buy It! Speed (+8) Hit trolls, not paintings. WARNING: This is tough!
21 Stealth Elf Minefield Mishap Speed (+8) Make it through the minefield. WARNING: This is tough!
22 Whirlwind Lobs O' Fun Critical Hit (+5) Earn a tasty treat by taking out pirates.
23 Voodood Spell Punked! Armor (+3) Retrieve the ancient book of magic from the Spell Punks.
24 Wham-Shell Charm Hunt Critical Hit (+5) Head for the islands and collect 75 charms.
25 Camo Flip the Script Armor (+3) Choose the right path to find the Log of Nort.
26 Series 1 Zook You've Stolen My Hearts! Critical Hit (+5) Stop Thieves from stealing the jewel hearts.
27 Flameslinger Bombs to the Wall Elemental Power (+9) Use bombs to find 25 magic charms.
28 Boomer Operation: Sheep Freedom Critical Hit (+5) Rescue all the sheep from their Troll captors.
29 Gill Grunt Jailbreak! Armor (+3) Rescue 6 Mabu from the Cyclopses Islands.
30 Drill Sergeant Environmentally Unfriendly Elemental Power (+9) Bust 7 of the Troll's pipes.
31 Slam Bam Chemical Cleanup Elemental Power (+9) Score points by destroying barrels of the right color.
32 Zap Break the Cats Armor (+3)

Destroy the cat statues. WARNING: This is tough!

Tips & Tricks

  • Completing the challenges with a fast Skylander first will help players become familiar with the route. This will make it easier when attempting that challenge with a slow Skylander.
    • Skylanders with boost abilities will have an advantage for certain challenges (such as the Charge for Spyro or Bash's Rock N Roll), as long as the boost move is easy to control.
  • Since all challenges are time-based, doing challenges that grant speed bonuses first will make the other challenges easier.
  • Many challenges require to hit enemies placed on a platform by using a bomb. If this proves too challenging for someone with the Wii version, the player can instead use the Ghost Pirate Swords from the Pirate Seas adventure pack, the Anvil Rain from the Empire of Ice adventure pack, or Sparx the Dragonfly from the Dragon's Peak adventure pack to easily take them out.
  • Some challenges allow different Skylanders to have elemental advantages. For example, Earth Skylanders have an advantage in Bash's challenge and Ignitor's and Water skylanders have the advantage in Wham-Shell's challenge. You may wish to try the challenge with that element first.
  • Players can also complete these challenges on their friends' consoles. This means it is not needed to own all Skylanders to get maximum power.
  • Some challenges require you to avoid attacking certain things. Some upgrades for Skylanders (like Zap's Lightning Strikes Twice, Sonic Boom's Echolocation, or Ghost Roaster's Unfinished business) make these challenges a lot harder, so you may wish to do them before upgrading. If you already bought the upgrade, then resetting your Skylander might be the easiest way to complete the challenge.
    • However, some people like Trigger Happy have the upgrade that makes some Heroics harder in an upgrade path (Bouncing Bullets), so if you have a series 2 Trigger Happy, you can just change the path to make it easier to complete it.
  • Even if a variant of a Skylander is added first to the collection before the original versions, such as Legendary Spyro, Legendary Chop Chop, Legendary Bash, Legendary Trigger Happy, and Dark Spyro, the Heroic Challenges can still be unlocked.
  • There are 5 Heroic Challenges that are unplayable in Skylanders: Giants. They are S1 Chop Chop, S1 Zook's, Dino-Rang, Boomer and Voodood. As such, the only way to gain stats from those Heroic Challenges is to play them in Spyro's Adventure. New Skylanders and Giants, as such, are unable to get their stat bonuses.
  • Almost all enemies do not have as much health as they normally do. Their attacks do less damage too. This means it is rare to lose heroic challenges by losing all your health.
  • If you complete all 50 Heroics Challenge you'll get a small stats boost in Skylanders: Swap Force (Speed: +3, Armor: +5, Crit: + 3%, Elemental Power: +6)


  • Lightning Rod has a glitch on the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions of Spyro's Adventure where the tribal mask will not appear at the end of his challenge for any of the Skylanders, once the Quicksilver Vault has been completed on the save file. The solution to this is to start a new game, or select an existing game where the Quicksilver Vault hasn't been completed yet.
  • There is also a glitch in Prism Break's Heroic Challenge; if you defeat a certain Gargantula when you have defeated 4 already, you will automatically complete it, despite you need to defeat 6, not 5. This is only known to happen in the Wii version.
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