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This article is about the character within the Skylanders Academy continuity. You may be looking for the Skylander canon to the main storyline.

Hex is an Undead sorceress and one of the Skylander Cadets in Skylanders Academy. She has a familiar named Skull. As of Season 2, she is part of the B Team, along with other cadets.



Unlike her main canon counterpart, Hex is cheerful, though quiet, and frequently smiling. Like the other cadets, she is easily impressed by the other students and teachers' feats. Despite her eagerness to excel in her studies to make up for her failure at the graduation tests, she constantly fights off her supernatural urges to turn her colleagues into undead servants. According to Skull, she is also forgetful, and needs his help to remember spells in the middle of battle.

Her evil supernatural side seems to take over Hex's body entirely, and the real sorceress has no recollection of what she does when acting as a vessel for the dark forces. Unlike most villains, it has an affectionate personality as it tries to spread itself to others, eagerly offering victims to join the other zombified drones through hugs.


Hex is a sorceress that can use a variety of spells, though most of the time she uses telekinesis on Skull to have him tackle an opponent. However, her familiar's bindings also hold back the dark side of her supernatural abilities, and removing the bindings causes it to take over her body and attempt to spread itself to any nearby people, turning them into her zombified servants to spread the evil even further. One of her regular spells, however, can reverse the effects if she recovers in time.



An unknown amount of time before her graduation test, Hex made a familiar pact with Skull over thousands of other skeletons, and the pact had the side effect of binding her supernatural energies to a spell.

Season 1

Hex was in the same year as Spyro, Stealth Elf and Eruptor, but failed the Skylander Games due to her and Skull's poor performance in battle, and had to study for another year. She appears to be under the tutelage of Ka-Boom and Snap Shot throughout the season.

S1E1 Hex Chill Bad Breath Food Fight Roller Brawl

Hex and the other cadets attending class

In Dream Girls, Hex was one of the cadets attending Stealth Elf's SED talk, but like the others, she was paranoid about sheep and restless due to Dreamcatcher's nightmares.

In the cold open of Anger Mismanagement, Hex and Skull were in a counseling session with Hugo, who was threatened by sheep halfway through and fled. Later on, she was among the cadets incapacitated by the spicy chili.

In Beard Science, Master Eon attempted to instruct her, Wind-Up and Roller Brawl on the discovery of their heroic prowess, only for the trio to mistakenly assume random characteristics as their prowess. After Eon temporarily lost his beard, they are the only ones who notice him, but were quickly distracted due to his lack of influence.

In Assault on Skylander Academy, Hex was among the cadets and Skylanders defending the school, and appeared to have more control over her magic to attack with Skull. However, Kaos' empowerment proved to be too much for the team, and she and the others were incapacitated and hypnotized by Wolfgang.

Season 2

In Spyromania, Hex was in class with Jet-Vac and other cadets when they were interrupted by Spyro, who started an impromptu target practice session as he convinced them to attack him. Though the angered students were eager to punish him, he was stopped and sent to Eon's office for his disrespect.

Hex has started training solo at the time of Split Decision in an attempt to strengthen her relationship with Skull. However this caused Skull to believe he was being forgotten and taken for granted. During Eruptor's therapeutic session, Hex began sharing with the cadets her full trust in Skull as they accomplish her journey of being a Skylander. However midway, Skull angrily interrupted Hex, resenting her statement that she's the only one who wishes to be a Skylander and claiming he can be a Skylander without her help. He then used a spell to remove his familiar bond with Hex, unknowingly removing her dark side's restraints and turning her into a zombified vessel.

S2 E6 Hugo PopFizz Cynder Hex

A zombied Hex having the residents of Skylander Academy under her control

Now under the control of dark otherwordly forces, Hex began turning her fellow cadets, school faculty and several members of Team Spyro into mindless minions intent on spreading the evilness by hugging everyone else on the Academy. When word of this reached Master Eon and Skull, Eon gave Skull the incantation to in order to restore the familiar's bond with Hex.

With Spyro's assistance before his zombification, Skull made to Hex and was able to recite the incantation and reverted Hex back to normal again. The pair quickly assisted each other in restoring everyone back to normal. After the confused cadets and Skylanders left them be, Skull revealed Hex his mistake and apologized for separating after believing to be needless to her. Hex explained to Skull that she was working alone so that they both can progress further into being Skylanders. When Skull admitted wanting to be Hex's familiar again, their permanent friendship is rekindled as Skull reacquires his orb. Skull promises to never server their bond again and the two shared a hug, embracing their moment as inseparable partners forever.

When Team Spyro and Master Eon were quarantined, Cynder, Hex, Skull, Food Fight and Roller Brawl were assembled by Hugo in One Flu Over the Skylander's Nest as an experienced Skylander cadet group called the "B Team". However, Hugo used his leadership opportunity to "protect" the Skylands from the surrounding sheep, leaving the group confused until they eventually left him to his own devices offscreen.

Season 3

In Season 3, Hex only made small appearances: significantly Sky Hard, attending the Skylands Awards ceremony, Weekend at Eon's, blocking Food Fight's path and inadvertedly causing the events of the episode, and Three Sides to Every Story, almost being crushed by Eon's beard statue until Dark Spyro saved her and Skull.



Though Skull does most of the talking for her, they aren't always on good terms, due to his refusal to work like a regular familiar. He is also seen berating the sorcerer when they fail the Skylander Games. Their dynamic is that of yin and yang.[1] This comes to a head in Split Decision, as she started to train alone in an attempt to strengthen their relationship, but also caused Skull to believe he was being forgotten and taken for granted, and he used a spell to remove his familiar bond, unknowingly removing her dark side's restraints and turning her into a zombified vessel.

When he realized his recklessness and lifted her spell, the two worked together to also reverse the zombification on the others in the Academy, and made amends when she explained the purpose of her solo training. With Skull's apology, his bindings returned, along with their friendship.

Other Cadets

She is commonly seen with Wind-Up and Roller Brawl despite the course year difference, taking classes or playing together.

As of Season 2, she seems to have drifted away from Wind-Up, staying with fellow Undead cadets Roller Brawl and Cynder, even creating their own club.


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  • The Skylanders Academy version of Hex appears to be much younger than her main canon counterpart, given her more jovial tone and less control over her abilities.
  • Jet-Vac, Pop Fizz, Food Fight, Kaos and Hex are the only characters to retain their voice actors from the games as of Season 2.
  • Hex's model has a small design change in her gauntlets - the leather is divided at the wrists rather than spiraling towards the hand, and have spots at her knuckles rather than the front and back of the palms.
  • When overtaken by the evil supernatural forces, Hex moves erratically, constantly levitates, and gestures as if she is a puppet, in a reference to various horror films. Her eyes and teeth also turn black, though only the eyes of her servants appear to change.
  • As seen in Hex's essay about other Skylanders, she admires Hoot Loop, who has yet to make an appearance in the show.
  • Roller Brawl mentions in Split Decision that Hex has attempted yodeling before, presumably ruining her voice for a time.
  • Despite her lack of skill in the first two seasons of Skylanders Academy, Hex appears to still have the same unusual amounts of Undead elemental energy as her game counterpart, as all Elemental Dice in the Academy flip to the Undead face while her dark form is active, regardless of their distance to her.


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