Honey Marsh is a realm geographically located somewhere close to Crop Circle Country. To get in, you will need 45 dragonflies. It is a realm with two mini-games, 10 dragonflies and 800 gems. The place is inhabited by blue-farmer-crocodiles. The place has giant flowers, bees, giant bees and honey channels that seem to flow into the sea. There are also honeyfalls. Theres a hidden chest with a wood design on it and needs a key to open it, inside the chest is a dragonfly.


Blue Crocodiles

  • Jimmy-Bob
  • Alex-Bob
  • Russell-Bob
  • Warren-Bob
  • Two-Eyed Willy



  • Duckweed
  • Pliskin
  • Suzuki
  • Russell
  • Zwan
  • Lily
  • Gori
  • Tim
  • Taka
  • Clubtail


  • Honey Slide
  • Sticky Swamp Shootout


  • Honey Marsh shares its name with a Fairy world. It's unknown if it's the same world, though.
  • Honey Marsh has pigs as the fodder, which resemble the pigs attracted to the music played by the Satyrs. It could be that the pigs were attracted to the music played by the Banjo Riptocs.
  • Honey Marsh is the only level in this game for Spyro to have the ability to pick up objects. On this level, they are rocks. They can be used to kill the thieves.
  • If one is able to stand in a certain spot in this level, it is possible to hear thunder rumbling. This is fitting, since a thunderstorm seems to be occurring in the background throughout the level.
  • Some enemy AI in this level make the same noise as the Rhynocs from Molten Crater in Spyro: Year of the Dragon when hit. Some others make the same noise as the ones in Bentley's Outpost.
  • When you try to catch the thief, if you let him run long enough, he will get stuck and won't be able to move from the position he's in until you kill him.
  • In some versions of this game, a dragonfly named Russelltim will just be called "Russell" in the text box but in others the full name, Russelltim, will be shown. It's unknown why this happens.
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