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“The power of ice also moves through you, just as the chilled winds whip through your wings. Let it... expand!”
    —The Chronicler

Ice is also one of the main elements Spyro uses in the Legend of Spyro series. The element of Ice is good for trapping enemies so you can melee them, and it works well with Spyro's Dragon Time ability. Cyril is the Ice Dragon Guardian.


Ice is a weapon of great contrasts and a tool of many uses. For the mightiest of Ice Dragons, it can slow the approach of an approaching army, or provide drinking water to a thirsty village. To harness the abilities of Ice, a Dragon must first learn to understand the nature of water and embrace a steely resolve deep within themselves, for only then can a frozen solid be produced. Moisture is drawn in from the air and (in dire emergencies) from the Dragon's own body. In combat, it is plausible that a master of Ice could suppliment their defenses by magically sheathing parts of their body in magically projected pack ice, or when on the offensive, adorn themselves with impressive protrusions of needle sharp ice. It is the tool of the true survivalist.[1]

Ice Dragons are more aloof and elitest when dealing with their more affable and flexible 'cousins', the Water Dragons.[2]


The Legend of Spyro: A New Beginning

Ice Breath
In an unusual situation, Spyro and Sparx came towards a pathway in Tall Plains, where they noticed Kane fall from a waterfall during an encounter with Rubble Brutes. Seeing Kane in mortal danger, Spyro's ice abilities were awakened, allowing him blow out a stream of ice to make a large, glacier formation on the river to prevent Kane from falling to his death.[3] Sparx was dumfounded by his abilities and Spyro agreed with it too. However, when utilizing this new trait known as Ice Stream, Spyro took it until he learned how to manipulate his Ice Element by Cyril. He later would shoot ice spikes to slow down or take out his foes faster. He learned his Ice Fury, where he at first would create a large swirling area of mist and at its second form, erupt many enormous ice spikes up high until they fall and freeze enemies, or just kill them. The fury would explode once its energy was used up.

The Legend of Spyro: The Eternal Night

Like other elements, Spyro re-obtained his ice element via his Ice Dream. With learning to understand how he could re-use it, he learned more potent abilities. With his Polar Bomb, Spyro would inhale pure, white ice energies to spit out a ball of snow which would freeze liquids to make temporary ice-made plaforms, he could use it to freeze enemies and burnt surroundings like before. With Splintering Bomb and Piercing Bomb, the icy sphere would hurt enemies with misty shrapnel. By manipulating ice, Spyro would mimic his past situation with Ice King (using "his" attacks as an example for his inspiration this time) and create an Ice Tail attack which makes the reminincing ice blade to swirl around him and take out large bits of health. By using fury energy, Spyro levitates and surrounds himself in a huge sphere of ice covered with many icicle blades he used normally, which he gets some swirls of dim blue mist around at the ground. Once he charges enough of an orbit, Spyro commands the sphere and 'ice blades' to explode outwards, taking out all enemies.

The Legend of Spyro: Dawn of the Dragon

Once Spyro had all his elements awakened, he could utilize his past ice spikes but now he could execute Snow Storm where he spins in a icy vortex. His Snow Storm could shoot out ice spikes in every angle while using the twister attack, similar to the previous Ice Fury and he could improve his speed with it. However, during a battle with Malefor by using any magic-exclusive attack on him, Spyro's Ice abilities will create a wide frost cloud for a short period of time.


The Legend of Spyro: A New Beginning

Ice Stream

  • Starting Breath: Fire a single stream that damages and freezes enemies
  • Ice Stream of Chilled Rapids: Ice stream splits into three and freezes faster
  • Ice Stream of the Midnight Frost: Ice streams reduced to two streams which wave back and forth
  • Bissthalan's Hypothermic Ice Stream: Adds one ice stream that sprays about chaotically, blanketing an area

Ice Shards

  • Starting Blast
  • Ice Shards of the Cutting Crystal: These rapid fire shards can pierce through even the toughest armor.
  • Ice Shards of the Biting Tooth: Causes the ice shards to bounce off walls and enemies thrice
  • Hydrax's Ice Shards of Arctic Hail: These giant, frosty shards of ice will crush anything they come up against!

Ice Fury

  • Starting Fury: Spyro creates a powerful and explosive wall of ice that does great damage.
  • Fury of Perisher's Unending Blizzard: Adds a barrage of icicles from the sky that rain down on enemies before the blast, doing immense damage

The Legend of Spyro: The Eternal Night

  • Polar Bomb
  • Ice Tail
  • Ice Fury

The Legend of Spyro: Dawn of the Dragon

Primary Ice

  • Ice Spikes: Shoots ice spkes that damage your target.
  • Frozen Ice Spikes: Shoots ice spkes that damage your target.
  • Sub-Zero Ice Spikes: Shoots ice spkes that explode and freeze your target.

Secondary Ice

  • Snow Storm: Creates a snow storm that damages surrounding enemies.
  • Chilling Snow Storm: Creates a snow storm that damages surrounding enemies. Hold the secondary breath attack button and press the weak attack button repeatedly to spray Frozen Ice Shards.
  • Chhiling Snow Storm: Creates a snow storm that damages surrounding enemies. Hold the secondary breath attack button and press the weak attack button repeatedly to spray Sub-Zero Ice Shards.



  • Previous dragons who mastered Ice are mentioned in the final upgrades in A New Beginning and The Eternal Night, named Bissthalan, Hydrax, Perisher and Fayveer.


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