“I am the Ice Princess...because it's freezing in here!”
    —Ice Princess

The Ice Princess is a character who appeared in the Ice Citadel, a realm in Spyro: A Hero's Tail. She is a vixen, and a princess. She is freezing when you first meet her, but she will hand you a Light Gem if you are able to flame all the boilers around the Citadel (three of whom will give you Light Gems once flamed).


Being a princess, she can be a bit too selfish when it comes to keeping warm. She will always demand others to do something to keep her happy and warm at all times. She also seems to like shopping for stuff, as hinted that she has one of Moneybags' remote shops in her tomb.


A Hero's Tail

According to the Ice Princess, she was only called the Ice Princess is because of the freezing weather in her home realm. She tried to say that the realm is colder than something that belongs to a witch, but Spyro interrupted her by saying that "he's on it" (as in he will go flame the boilers). After Spyro was able to light up the boilers, the princess gave him a Light Gem as thanks for making her happy (also because that she won't need it anymore, since she thought it was a portable heater).

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