Items are game-related objects with a large variety of functions, ranging from power boosts to giving access to game areas. In Skylanders both digital (ingame) and physical (toy figure) items exist. Listed below are the various kinds of items that appear in the Skylanders games.

Ingame Items

These items are found in the game and have an immediate effect when picked up.

Name Game Version Primary Effect
Bombs Console Can blow up rocks and purple Tzo Crystals.
Coins Console & Webgame Used to pay for upgrades.
Food Console & 3DS Restore health to the Skylander.
Keys Console Unlock gates.
Legendary Treasures Console Grant a large amount of coins.
Lore Tablets Webgame Contain background information on the Skylanders.
Minor Treasures Console Grant a medium amount of coins.
Mystic Seeker Scrolls 3DS Gives the Skylander a 20% damage, speed or health boost.
Oil Can Console Used to oil machines in the Ruins.
Plants Webgame Grant experience and add power to the magic bar.
Pick Axe Console Can destroy rock formations.
Soul Gems Console Needed to buy Soul Gem abilities.
Story Scrolls Console Contain background information on the Skylanders.
Treasure Chests Console & 3DS Contain larger amount of coins or radiance vials.
Winged Sapphires Console Reduces the amount of gold needed for upgrades by 2% each.
Victory Points Console, 3DS & Webgame When collected, these items give the Skylanders the experience needed to level up.

Toy Figure Items

These items come with adventure packs or limited sale offers. To use an item, simply place it on the Portal of Power in the same way you would a Skylander. Only one item can be active at the same time.

Name Image Comes with: Effect
Anvil Rain - Empire of Ice
Adventure Pack
Rains anvils all over the area to damage enemies.
Darklight Crypt Darklightcrypttoyform.png Darklight Crypt
Adventure Pack
Gives access to the Darklight Crypt.
Dragon Peak - Dragon's Peak
Adventure Pack
Gives access to Dragon's Peak.
Healing Elixir Healingelixirtoyform.png Darklight Crypt
Adventure Pack
Heals Skylanders.
Ghost Pirate Swords Ghostpirateswordstoyform.png Pirate Seas
Adventure Pack
Console: Help defeat enemies.
3DS: Increases attack power.
Hidden Treasure Hiddentreasuretoyform.png Pirate Seas
Adventure Pack
Console: Reveals location of hidden treasure chest.
3DS: Helps collect radiance.
Ice Cave - Empire of Ice
Adventure Pack
Gives access to the Empire of Ice.
Pirate Ship Pirateshiptoyform.png Pirate Seas
Adventure Pack
Gives access to the Pirate Seas.
Sky-Iron Shield - Empire of Ice
Adventure Pack
Raises the Skylander's armor for a while.
Sparx the Dragonfly - Dragon's Peak
Adventure Pack
Attacks surrounding enemies using fireballs.
Time Twister Hourglass Timetwistertoyform.png Darklight Crypt
Adventure Pack
Slows down time for everything but the Skylander.
Volcanic Vault Volcanicvaulttoyform.png Special Offer at
Best Buy & GAME
Console: Unlocks the Volcanic Vault battle mode level.
3DS: Cannot be used.
Winged Boots - Dragon's Peak
Adventure Pack
Raises the Skylander's speed for a short time.
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