Jurassic Jungle appears in the game Spyro: Enter the Dragonfly and is a cross between a volcanic wasteland and a humid jungle. Many creatures live in the jungle while they stay away from the volcano.

There's a hidden chest with a skull design on it, and it needs a key to open. Inside the chest is a Dragonfly.

The Professors who work in the jungle were working on Robotic Riptocs when they escaped their "inescapable" cages and started to ruin their masters' work and research.


  • Jean-Marc
  • Mitch
  • Jason
  • Warren
  • Bonky
  • Wonky
  • Saji
  • Doompa
  • Scarlett
  • Karen


  • Trex 1000 - A robotic creature that shoots its target with a laser beam. Can only be killed with Electric Breath or Ice Breath.
  • R-1000 - Icy Riptocs with a stolen gadget that lets them walk on lava, constantly melting and reforming.
  • Cave Riptocs - Green caveman-like Riptocs with boulders.


  • Professor Copeland is a reference to Stewart Copeland, the music composer for the game.
  • Statues of Gnasty Gnorc are seen in this level, referencing the fact he was originally planned for the game.
  • There is a glitch in this level where, if you make the dialogue in the dialogue box too fast, then the game will get stuck and you will have to restart the game system.
  • There is a cheat to go out of bounds. If you walk towards an electric fence while being invincible and keep moving while being sent in the air, you will soon be high enough to glide over the fence.
  • One of the cheats in this level is to walk in mid air. To do that, Spyro will have to head bash the window that traps the dragonfly. It might not work every time.
  • The enemy AI dinosaurs who can only be killed with electric breath, when hit by Spyro, make similar sounds to the Sorceress when she is hit by Spyro in Spyro: Year of the Dragon.
  • The white salamander fodder in this level look similar to the ones in Skelos Badlands, Midnight Mountain, and Desert Ruins.
  • The level name might be a reference to the movie Jurassic Park.
  • If you use the wing shield attack against the enemies that throw rocks, it will be ineffective no matter what.
  • Some versions of this game have one dragonfly named Rhett, but the audio will say "Hey, it's Karen!". It is possible this dragonfly was originally named Karen before its name changed
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