“Well, the Atlawa and Kane need no help.”

Kane is the leader of the Atlawas in Tall Plains in The Legend of Spyro: A New Beginning.


Kane was proud and independent. He was initially doubtful of Spyro's abilities at first, but soon grew to realize that Spyro can help him save his tribe.


When Spyro arrived on Tall Plains, he rescued Kane from Cynder's forces, but the Atlawa was bitter towards the purple dragon as he claimed he didn't need any help before moving on his own to save his tribe. Spyro ran into Kane a couple of times, and even saved his life, but he still showed hostility towards Spyro. After Spyro saved his people and freed Cyril, Kane realized that he was wrong about taking care of things alone, and Spyro became a part of their tribe.

International Voice Actors

Language Voice dubbing actor
Dutch Tony Neef
French Damien Boisseau
German Tobias Kluckert
Italian Marco Balzarotti
Spanish Santi Lorenz
Russian (unknown)

ADVICE: The Legend of Spyro: Dawn of the Dragon is the only Legend game to also have a Finnish, Danish, Swedish and Norwegian audio dubbing track. Therefore, Since Kane does not appear in that game, he does not have those following language voices.

NOTE: This character is missing a Russian voice actor. Please help find in the correct actor.

Character Development

Art lead of the project, Jared Pullen, figured that a somewhat Mayan influence seemed appropriate for the proud and independent character of Kane. What began as a four legged Lama, resulted in the final character design for Kane. The character animators referred to him as 'that chicken-lama' whenever Kane was mentioned. Jared created a back story and mythos for Kane, but it was never used in the story.[1]


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