The Kangaroo Hoodoos is an area in Spyro: Attack of the Rhynocs. In the game, it is viewed as a historical landmark for the native kangaroos, who have turned it into a tourist hotspot. During Ripto's attack on Dragon Shores, his minions placed television sets airing his image throughout the level, which Spyro could only remove with his headbash. The kangaroos found in the level include Janice, Wendy, Annie, and Sheila, who is in charge of the Heart of the Land, she will give it to Spyro if he collects all the ancient kangaroo relics scattered throughout the game. Another Yeti, Ditsy, appears in this level.


As the player crosses over the ice bridge, the first area, The Outback is very simple area in which it takes place in a typical desert area. The realm itself is plastered with statues of Riptos which can be broken by crashing hedgehogs into them. Also, other than having masks darted on the walls of various platforms in the level. The ground consists of roadmarking and giant tires embedded into it. On top of this, there's unique 'R' statue which appears in the level that can be broken by using the newly acquired headbash ability. There's simple puzzle area which grants you an item upon completion.


Item Sparx description
Master's Hand Drill This hand drill looks well used! It's worn, but I can make out the initials 'M.T.' engraved on it! We found it in a green chest in the Kangaroo Hoodoos. We gave this to the Master Thief in return for the Heart of the Thieves' Guild.
Roo's Rose A rare find, indeed! This rose has an odor only a kangaroo could appreciate! We discovered it growing in the Kangaroo Hoodoos. We gave this to Bianca in return for the Heart of the Rabbit Habitat.
Kangaroo Carving This carving of a kangaroo glows with magical properties! We got this from Janice. She gave it to us for helping her get to the Kangaroo Hoodoos. This gives you the Butt Slam ability, Spyro! Jump in the air, then press the L Button to deliver a crushing blow!
Heart of the Kangaroo Hoodoos This looks like a miniature didgeridoo, but doesn't look playable! It has nifty carvings all over it! We got this from Sheila in the Kangaroo Hoodoos after recovering all the stolen museum artifacts. We gave this to the Professor so he could seal the warp hole.
Flavor Booster This powder makes bananas twice as yummy! It's a new taste treat! Annie gave this to use for destroying all those TVs in the Kangaroo Hoodoos. We gave this to the monkey worker in return for the Heart of the Banana Savannah.
Medal of Honor This is a medal awarded to those who exhibit an outstanding degree of honor! This fell out of a statue that crumbled when we solved the 9-square puzzle in the Kangaroo Hoodoos. We gave this to the penguin captain in return for the Heart of the Byrd Barracks.
Way Cool Lava Lamp This is a lava lamp! I could watch these things for hours! We found it in Moneybags' vault in the Kangaroo Hoodoos. We gave this to Hunter in return for the Heart of the Cheetah Spot Spa.
Huge Right Climbing Glove This right glove is so big, it could only be Bentley's! It was inside a red chest in the Kangaroo Hoodoos. We gave this to Bentley in return for the Heart of the Yeti Serengeti.



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