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“My head is awesome, I tell you! Fear it! Fear my GIANT FLOATING HEAD!!”

Kaos is an evil Portal Master and the main antagonist of the Skylanders series. He is the arch-enemy of the Skylanders who seeks to rule over Skylands.


Kaos is overconfident, with a big ego as well as an inferiority complex. He was ridiculed when he was young and desperately tries to be taken seriously as a villain. Because of his annoying and whiny attitude, most of the inhabitants, including the Skylanders, usually find Kaos more as an annoyance than an actual threat. However, underneath his overconfident exterior, Kaos possesses a cunning and dangerous mind, which causes his adversaries to underestimate him. Like most villains, Kaos is disgusted at the sight of romantic atmospheres. Kaos also has a strong hatred for the tree folk, including his evil Life minion, Evil Ent

The only people whom he treats with any kindness is his butler, Glumshanks, and later the Arkeyan Conquertron.

In Spyro's Adventure, Kaos despises the new Portal Master whom he calls by "Apprentice Portal Master" and "Portal Master Imposter," and claims that only he is a real Portal Master.


Being a Portal Master, Kaos has the ability to summon darker versions of the Skylanders, as well as other races as his minions, such as Cyclopses, Trolls, and the Drow. He also has the power to summon powerful spells and magic, sometimes with the assistance of the Eternal Sources.

Kaos is also notable for formerly being able to cast a large, hooded projection of his head to talk to the outside world from his castle on a Portal of Power. Using this special effect, the projection of his head is more terrifying (though all of Skylands know that it isn't his real face) and Kaos speaks with a deeper alteration of his voice to make himself sound more sinister.



Before he became evil, it was said that Kaos was born a prince. When he was young, he created the Wilikin, who were his toys. Unaware that he was a Portal Master back then, he was shocked to discover he could bring Wilikn to life. Growing up, Kaos attended his school's Senior Prom, but being Kaos, he was unable to get an actual date that evening, so he ordered his butler, Glumshanks, to go with him.

However as time passed, Kaos felt like an outcast in his family. While his brothers were blessed with long, flowing locks, good looks and devastating charm,[1] Kaos was bald, ugly, and devastatingly smelly. His father dismissed Kaos as an embarrassing runt, and in retaliation, the prince kicked his father in the widdershins, gave away his royal name, and headed out into the wilderness with Glumshanks.

Having brought the Wilikin to life, Kaos knew that he had something of a knack for magic, and he threw himself into learning more about this power. When his research brought him to the subject of Portal Masters, Kaos immediately knew he must be one of them. The only problem was, he didn't have a portal. So, with Glumshanks at his side, he began to scour the universe for one. It was only a matter of time before they found their way to Skylands and learnt of the Core of Light, the mysterious machine that filled Skylands with light and kept The Darkness at bay. Hungry for power, Kaos had tried to destroy the Core there and then, but had been defeated by Master Eon and the Skylanders. The evil Portal Master, however, had never given up on the dream of ruling Skylands.

Skylanders: The Machine of Doom

Kaos sought after an Arkeyan artifact called the Chattering Key, which was used to unlock a tomb that contained an ancient Arkeyan weapon capable of destroying the Core of Light, that not even the Skylanders nor Eon could stop it. The tyrant sent his Troll minions and a Spell Punk to test out their invisibility spell that was needed to sneak past the guard protecting the Key. But unfortunately, the Trolls caused mischief in the Mabu Market using their invisibility powers, drawing attention to the Skylanders, Spyro, Eruptor, and Gill Grunt. The Spell Punk accidentally uttered that they were looking for the Chattering Key, and he and the trolls were summoned back to Kaos's lair when the projection of Kaos' face appeared, aiming to punish the Spell Punk for revealing too much information.

Machine of Doom Illustration8

Kaos revealing to Spyro his real plan and the true nature behind the Machine of Doom

While Spyro, Eruptor, Boomer, and Gill Grunt were in the Forest of Fear to retrieve the Chattering Key, Kaos captured Flynn and used the Mabu to force the Skylanders to hand over the key to him when they got returned from their journey in the forest. The evil tyrant and Glumshanks then summoned a tomb leading to the Pyramid of Just Rewards that contained the Arkeyan weapon he was seeking: The Machine of Doom. To make sure the Skylanders didn't follow him, Kaos ordered his minions to keep Flynn hostage as they entered the pyramid. Inside, Kaos once again tried to threaten Flynn's life when the Skylanders had entered the tomb as well to stop the evil Portal Master, but the troll Skylander, Boomer, attempted to control The Machine of Doom. However, the machine went out of control, breaking apart, and the pyramid itself started to crumble.

Kaos laughed maniacally at the Skylanders, revealing to them that The Machine of Doom was actually a trap designed by the Arkeyans to capture anyone who may be tempted to steal the weapon that was capable of destroying the Core of Light, knowing that anyone who braved the terrors of the Forest of Fear, stole the Chattering Key, and opened the tomb, was too dangerous to walk free. Adding to his true scheme, Kaos planned to use the trap to bury the Skylanders alive inside the pyramid. Revealing his transport portal as his means of escape, Kaos attempted to make a hasty retreat from the crumbling pyramid to leave the Skylanders to be buried alive. He was stopped by Boomer, who managed to control The Machine of Doom and destroy Kaos's portal before the Portal Master could escape.

Spyro, despite wanting to leave Kaos in the very trap he tried to spring upon the Skylanders (but knew what Eon would do), saved the evil tyrant from the tumbling ruins as Boomer used The Machine of Doom to get them all out in time. Kaos, however, made his escape afterwards using a fragment of his transport portal and teleported home to his lair. In his lair, Kaos began to look through a book entitled, '101 Ways to Become Lord of Skylands', smiling evilly after writing out the words 'Plan One: The Machine of Doom' on the first page...

Skylanders: Spyro versus The Mega Monsters

Kaos appeared in the Stinky Swamp saving Spyro, Stealth Elf, and Blobbers from an unusually large titchy toad with the use of a magic staff. He then announced that he would be turning over a new leaf by fighting evil-doers, leaving Spyro and Stealth Elf in complete disbelief. Soon, the news of Kaos's heroic exploits were spread throughout Skylands, defeating mega-sized animals and saving the inhabitants before the Skylanders could have the chance, irritating the heroes.

Kaos soon reappeared at the Eternal Archives, suspending a group of mega-sized Chompies to stop them from devouring the Skylanders. The evil Portal Master revealed that as a child he wanted to borrow a book called World Domination for Beginners and other related books from the Eternal Archive, but was told by the Chief Curator, Wiggleworth that they weren't available for loan (in order to keep them from falling into the wrong hands). Kaos threatened to release the giant Chompies upon the heroes if Wiggleworth didn't hand over a forbidden book to him. When Wiggleworth refused, the evil Portal Master released the Chompies to devour the group. Stealth Elf stole the magic staff from Kaos, and used its power to enlarge Spyro two times the size of the giant Chompies, allowing the dragon to battle the giant enemies.

Kaos managed to steal back his staff and used its power to shrink Stealth Elf down to the size of an ant. As revenge, the tiny elf stabbed one of her daggers into Kaos's ankle like a splinter, causing the evil Portal Master to painfully drop his staff and allowing Drill Sergeant the chance to destroy it, returning Spyro and Stealth Elf back to normal size.Cornering Kaos, Spyro soon realized that Kaos's true plan was to test his staff on a few creatures (growing them into a giant size), trick people into thinking he was saving them just so he could attack the Archive and blackmail its curator, who Kaos thought would be blinded by hero worship like others have.

Knowing that he was defeated, Kaos disappeared, vowing that his failed plan was only the beginning.

Skylanders: Gill Grunt and the Curse of the Fish Master

Kaos FishMaster

Kaos firing a bolt of magic at the Skylanders with Glumshanks looking on.

After the events of The Mega Monsters, it was revealed that Kaos was seeking after the fragments of the Mask of Power, an evil artifact that he would use to destroy the Core of Light. After failing to steal the Book of Power in order to locate the rest of the fragments, he managed to obtain the Tech fragment, and searched for the Water Fragment that the Skylanders were also looking for.

After the Skylanders defeated Captain Grimslobber, Kaos was able to retrieve the broken pieces of the Fish Master's Crown that supposedly containted the Water Fragment he was after. The evil Portal Master taunted the Skylanders by dumping gallons of fish on them before firing a bolt of magic on the ship of the Fearsome Fang to sink the heroes before making his leave. Although Kaos seemed to have taken the Water Fragment, he was unaware that the real Fragment was in the hands of the Skylanders while all he got was a broken crown.  The evil Portal Master is currently looking for the rest of the Fragments, with the Skylanders getting ready for him.

Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure

After being banished to the Outlands by Master Eon, Kaos returned to Skylands after his exile to exact his revenge by destroying the Core of Light to rule Skylands. When his forces were losing the battle to the Skylanders at Eon's Citadel, Kaos unleashed his Hydra, who succeeded in destroying the Core of Light, banishing the Skylanders to Earth in the process. Afterwards, the evil tyrtant proceeded to shroud the world of Skylands using The Darkness. He soon became aware of the new Portal Master who arrived to save Skylands, and attempts to stop them and the Skylanders from restoring the Core of Light failed. After the Core of Light was restored, Kaos retreated back to the Outlands, vowing that he wasn't beaten yet.

The new Portal Master and the Skylanders soon confronted Kaos in his lair to stop him once and for all, battling against him, his Minions, and his Hydra, and successfully defeated them. As Kaos gloated that he would destroy the new Portal Master and Skylanders to oblivion another day, the hovering throne he was piloting exploded due to the damage it sustained in battle, sending Kaos flying and landing back on the ground, knocking him out shortly afterwards. Kaos was then imprisoned temporarily at the Ruins, where he vowed that he would keep returning until Skylands was his if he was going to be banished to the Outlands once more. However, to his surprise, Kaos was banished to Earth instead, where he was turned into a toy and was soon tormented by a dog.

To see more of Kaos's involvement in the Skylanders series, go to his page over in the Skylanders Wikia.


Spyro the Dragon

Kaos despises Spyro as much as the other Skylanders for constantly foiling his plans to rule Skylands, often calling Spyro by the mocking name of "dragonfly."


Despite being labelled as Kaos's sidekick, the evil Portal Master treats Glumshanks as a simple minion who is only by his side to serve him. Kaos commonly berates Glumshanks, even claimed that he never said anything good to his butler (despite a glimpse of Glumshank's memory of Kaos praising the troll: "Well done, Glumshanks!").


Media Quotes

  • And now, Skylanders, I shall defeat you!" - from The Beginning Trailer
  • "Yay me!"
  • "Surprise! It is I, Kaos, one swap away from limitless power! Prepare to... dance? You will pay for this, Skylanders!"
  • "It is I, Kaos, ready to swap into a... frog? You will fear! The! Croak!/ I will rule! The! LilypaAAad!"

Game Quotes

  • "Well well well! What do we have here? A Stupid Skylander and Eon's Portal Master apprentice!"
  • "Impossible! You survived my best water spell! Ahem! I MEAN... You survived a very mediocre water spell that I found laying around - somewhere."
  • "Fools! I've had it up to here with your incompetence! Actually no, even higher... up to HERE!"
  • "The Eternal Fire Source is mine, I tell you! MINE! Er - even in the mine!"
  • "Foolish Apprentice! You played right into my hands!"

Book Quotes

  • "It was a spectacular plan. A monumental plan. The most spectacular, monumental plan of all time. A plan so cunning that these dunderheads still don’t realise what it was."
  • "You and whose army, Skychumps? I’m about to lay my hands on an ancient and mysterious weapon of ancient and mysterious power. I will be UNSTOPPABLE and you will be DOOOOOOMED!!"



  • During the development of Spyro's Adventure, Kaos originally had a deeper voice.[3]
  • One of Kaos's first attempts to take over Skylands didn't involve force at all. He merely had statues of himself placed all throughout Skylands, and hoped people would assume he was ruler because of all his statues.
  • Kaos is pronounced identically to the word "chaos."
  • He has a serious earwax condition.[4]
  • He is comparable to Ripto: both were picked on at a young age, use magic for evil, they're both pretty short, and have big heads.
  • Kaos is the second human in the Spyro series to be a main antagonist, the other being Neo Cortex from Spyro Orange: The Cortex Conspiracy.
  • In the 3DS version of Spyro's Adventure, Kaos's role as the main antagonist is acquired by Hektore, who, ironically, is actually a "giant floating head."
  • Kaos bears a resemblance to Gollum from the Lord of the Rings trilogy, and also Voldemort from the Harry Potter Series.
    • He also bears resemblance to Quan-Chi from Mortal Kombat
      • He also has a few similarities to High Roller from Hero 108.
        • Robo-Kaos bears a resemblance to Colonel Radec from Killzone 2 as both have red eyes.
  • Kaos was rejected by his father because he considered him to be ugly, despite the fact Kaos looks almost exactly like his father.
  • Kaos almost talks exactly like Invader Zim, Billy and Daggett, cartoon characters whom Richard Horvitz also voiced during his years of voicework.
  • Kaos owes Terrafin five dollars.
  • When Kaos has his "floating head," it is similar to those of the Barrow Wights from The Lord of the Rings, The Battle for Middle-earth II, and The Rise of The Witch-king.
  • Kaos's floating head bears a striking resemblance to that of the heads of the wizards from Clash Of Clans.
  • In The Machine of Doom, it is mentioned that Kaos has brothers who are his exact opposite (blessed with long, flowing locks, good looks and devastating charm), while in the games, Kaos is an only child.
  • As can be easily guessed, Kaos is no ladies' man. He grew so lonely growing up, he used to put certain piles of treasure in balconies and pretend they were girls and would then serenade them.


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