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Kaossandra is the mother of Kaos in Skylanders Academy. She is a dark sorceress who holds a sinister secret that lies within her Book of Dark Magic.



Kaossandra is haughty and harsh, attacking hapless bystanders if it pleases her and berating others with little provocation. However she holds a kind spot unlike other villains towards characters that prove their worth, and puts the safety of Skylands from the entity of the Book of Dark Magic above her well-being.


Kaossandra is truly the mother of all villains. Not only is she Kaos' mom, but she is also a formidable dark sorceress herself, spending her days secluded in the depths of her castle, working tirelessly on a deep, dark secret that could either save or devastate all of Skylands! If only Kaos would stop constantly interrupting her with his hair-brained schemes, she might actually be able to get some work done.


Kaossandra possesses enormous dark magic; although many have never seen her use it before, it is said to be dangerous. She is able to fire beams of dark electricity, create powerful waves of evil energy capable of defeating many foes at once, fly, and cast dark curses, such as the one preventing the use of the Book of Dark Magic and the entity imprisoned inside it.


Season 1

In My Way or the Sky Way, Kaossandra approached Kaos in her guest castle and told him that he needed to get a real job and pay rent, or she would kick him out. However, while Kaos begrudgingly began fulfilling the task of getting a job, she took Glumshanks back to her main castle, as she only needed her son out of the way to spend quality time with the troll and catch up with conversations.

Through Space Invaders, Beard Science and The Skylands Are Falling!, she makes small appearances, usually talking with her old friend, the Golden Queen.

In Crash Landing, Kaos stole the Book of Dark Magic after Kaossandra's daily meditation sequence to strengthen its curse, believing it to be the key to use his true power. Continuing into Assault on Skylander Academy, with the Doom Raiders now being aware of its existence after he lost it to the Skylanders, Kaossandra takes matters into her own hands and attempts to keep Kaos in the castle while she retrieves the book. She discovered the Doom Raiders hiding around Skylander Academy after their failed attempts to sneak in and agreed to help the villainous group infiltrate the school and take over it as long as she got her book.

Unfortunately, Kaossandra discovered that Kaos and Glumshanks were already at the Academy and was told by Glumshanks that Kaos's magic had grown stronger. Though Kaos wanted to assist, Kaossandra only wanted him to stay out of their way, but she allowed Kaos to accompany the villains through the Academy. Upon arriving at the Relics Room, Kaossandra confronted a weakened Master Eon and scolded him for using one of her dark spells to help a friend in need. The Golden Queen, knowing the value of Kaossandra's book, betrayed Kaossandra and intended to take the book, successfully swaying Kaos to the side of the Doom Raiders despite Kaossandra's pleas. With no other option, Kaossandra summoned a wave of dark magic to defeat the Doom Raiders, but the power left her weak and she was forced to leave her book behind. She and Glumshanks retreated back to their castle, leaving Kaos behind and disowning him.

After recovering, Kaossandra met with Master Eon in the Falling Forest where he returned the Book of Dark Magic to her, knowing that it was safer in her hands than in his. With the book back in her possession, Kaossandra reinforced the curse on the relic, but as she started the spell, a smoke-like figure with red eyes emerged from the book, surprised that she recovered it. With conviction, she assured it wasn't going anywhere before sealing the figure back inside.



Like in the game canon, Glumshanks and Kaossandra are good friends and use all their free time to gossip, play games and have tea, though they fake abuse and servitude near Kaos to keep him from knowing their friendship. However, she isn't entirely forgiving, and will berate him at genuine mistakes.


Kaossandra believes Kaos to be easily corrupted by power and attempts to keep him from all costs from the Book of Dark Magic, not knowing the secrets only interest him more. However, rather than educate him on the matter, she treated him like a servant and in many degrading ways to keep his self esteem down and with an overbearing attitude that stunted his maturity, culminating in his betrayal as he felt she took him for granted.

Golden Queen

The two sorceresses are old friends, enjoying villainy and small talk. However, Kaossandra's trust in the golden statue is not reciprocated.

Master Eon

Kaossandra's relationship with Eon is mostly unknown, but they have known each other for a long time as well as the purpose of the Book of Dark Magic. She appears to pity his self-sacrifice for Crash, not appearing to understand it.




  • Although her game counterpart is nameless, Kaossandra's name was created only for the show.[1]
    • Though her name is spelt 'Kaossandra', it is pronounced 'Cassandra', as the 'o' is silent.
    • Her name might be a reference to the figure from greek mythology. She is the origin of the Cassandra metaphor, in which a figure with knowledge of the truth or upcoming disasters is ignored. In the show, despite knowing of the entity in the Book of Dark Magic, Kaossandra keeps its evil in secret and uses various excuses to keep others from using its power, causing Kaos and the Doom Raiders to actively pursue it.
  • Kaossandra claims that she and Golden Queen met each other at Soulless Cycle "all the time".
  • In Space Invaders, Kaossandra mentions in Kaos' memories that it took him 14 years to toilet train. However according to Kaos, it was due to her overbearing attitude.
  • When using particularly powerful magic, Kaossandra's eyes turn black with a slight purple glow. This is a similar effect as the one in people afflicted by Hex's zombification spell.
  • In Season 2, her magic effect was changed from black and purple to pink and white, reflecting her reveal in the Season 1 finale as a villain working for the balance of good and evil.


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