Kaossandra's Castle is the menacing fortress of the dark sorceress in the Skylanders Academy television series. Though Glumshanks follows Kaos even inside the Guest Castle, he also appears to live there when the younger villain isn't around.


The castle protected by a veil of dark magic that prevents its detection by Skylanders, and can be moved through unknown means if its location is discovered.

The interior has little decoration but very detailed walls, windows and floor patterns. Known rooms include the dining room, with a large table and elaborate chairs; and the room containing the Book of Dark Magic, decorated with banners and pillars and a dome-shaped ceiling.


For an unknown amount of time, Kaossandra has kept the Book of Dark Magic hidden away inside of the castle, and frequently has meditation sessions to strengthen its curse and keep the evil inside from escaping.

Season 1

After escaping from Cloudcracker Prison, the Golden Queen stays for a time in the main castle to catch up with Kaossandra.

In Crash Landing, Kaos entered the castle to steal the Book of Dark Magic, infiltrating its room before his mother could notice him.



  • The castle is designed after the stronghold in Motherly Mayhem. Its crystalline symbol of The Darkness, however, was replaced with the one that Kaossandra uses on her dress.
    • In concept art, its main tower also had decorations to resemble her collar.
  • Despite not making appearances in most episodes of Season 1, the castle is always shown before panning to the Guest Castle, with the camera speeding up as the season progresses.


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