Kasi is a cheetah in Spyro: Shadow Legacy who lives in the Savannah. He is a servant to the king, Akello, who is Hunter's father.


After Spyro saved the Cheetah Tribe and Hunter from the Shadow Realm, Akello fell ill from its dark effects. Kasi immediately took charge of the Savannah, accusing Spyro of bringing the Shadow Realm to their home. Hunter defended Spyro, only to be thrown in jail along with the purple dragon since he was Spyro's friend. Luckily, Spyro was able to escape and got word to the king that his son was in prison. This caused the king to throw Kasi in jail instead, and freed Hunter.



  • Both Kasi and Chief Prowlus from The Legend of Spyro: Dawn of the Dragon are cheetahs who share similarities in blaming Spyro, who is a purple dragon, for causing troubles to their tribe. Kasi, being the temporary leader of the cheetahs at the time, threw Spyro in jail for supposedly bringing the Shadow Realm to their home, and puts Hunter behind bars as well for defending Spyro. This plot is very identical to the part in Dawn of the Dragon when Prowlus puts Spyro in chains along with Cynder, thinking their race is responsible for bringing misfortunes to his clan, and also tied up Hunter for siding with the dragons.
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