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The Land Whale is a massive creature who appeared in Skylanders: Lightning Rod Faces the Cyclops Queen, the last of its kind. The creature is so big that it doesn't need to move to catch its prey, and simply used hypnosis to bring its prey to it. The Land Whale was also used by the Cyclops Queen to devour any thieves.


It was believed that the Land Whale was the Air segment to the Mask of Power. The Skylanders traveled to Tempest Towers where the Whale was held in a zoo, only to be imprisoned by the Cyclops Queen. Lightning Rod and Drobot were trapped in the tank of the Land Whale to be eaten, with the massive beast nearly succeeding in devouring the two Skylanders. They were soon freed by Pop Fizz, and Lightning Rod threw the Land Whale away from Tempest Towers towards the unknown with Kaos and his Drow forces in hot pursuit.

However it was revealed that the Land Whale wasn't the Air fragment, leading Kaos on a wild goose chase. The creature isn't seen again, but Kaos mentioned that the Land Whale ate half of his Drow army.


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