Laser Rhynocs[1] are enemies only found in Agent 9's Lab, in Spyro: Year of the Dragon. They are the main enemies in the level. They have blue skin, red shirts, and they carry lasers blasters that shoot green lasers. There are also armored variants with a metal chest plate, and hat. These variant are immuned to Agent 9's regular blaster bullets.


They are two types of Laser Rhynocs regular Laser Rhynocs and armored Laser Rhynocs. Both types are usually in groups. The best way to take on the ones without armor by going into sniper mode and sniping them as fast as the player can. But if they're in big groups it's best to shoot at them while dodging left and right. The best way to defeat the armored ones is to go in a spot where Agent 9 can throw a bomb, and hit them with it. It is best to do this when they cannot see Agent 9.


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