“Welcome to the Dream Weavers, young one. While chasing Gnasty's minions in this world, you must expect the unexpected and prepare for what is not there.”

Lateef (ラティ=ドリノマール Latee in Japanese) is a dragon who is the leader of the Dream Weaver dragons in Spyro the Dragon. After Spyro freed him in the Dream Weavers realm, Lateef welcomed the young dragon's arrival and gave him advice on dealing with Gnasty Gnorc's minions in the Dream Weavers world. Lateef later went to confront Gnasty Gnorc along with several other dragons, but was imprisoned a second time. He was released by Spyro again in Gnorc Cove.

In the Spyro Reignited Trilogy, Lateef is portrayed as a monk.[1] His skin is a deeper shade of blue and he has two pieces of some kind of red cloth around his neck and waist trimmed with gold, a gold necklace with tassles and a rope belt. He has ears, has feathered wings, balances on his tail, and has a small pot with pink rocks. He seems to be dealing with the mystical arts as he talks in riddles.



  • In the late demo, Lateef doesn't exist at all inside his crystal prisons.
  • When being rescued again in Gnorc Cove in the original game, Lateef has a different voice.
  • Lateef is an Arabic name, meaning "Gentle, kind".
  • While Lateef and his friend Revilo both appear in the post-Gnasty Gnorc cutscene in the original game, they are absent from said sequence in Reignited.
  • While in the actual Reignited game, he is a deeper shade of blue, his artwork for said game depicts him with the same blue that he has in the original.


  1. Is Lateef supposed to be a monk here?" " Yep! I decided to get inspiration from them! Concentration is power!"
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