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The Leviathan is a large fish in Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure that resided in his namesake home, Leviathan Lagoon. He is known by the locals for devouring entire villages.



For years, fishermen had hunted the Leviathan in the deep areas of the Lagoon, but no one had seen the fish, nor the fishermen.

Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure

In his first appearance, the Leviathan leapt from the waters of the lagoon near the island where Gurglefin and the Skylanders had arrived on, and destroyed a Pirate vessel before splashing back into the water.

The Leviathan will swallow the playable Water Skylander whole if it catches them swimming in the waters of the lagoon, though inside its mouth there is treasure. To get out of the Leviathan, the Skylander must strike his uvula until the fish spits them out back onto dry land.

When the Skylander went to retrieve the Eternal Water Source at the end of the pier, they were swallowed by the Leviathan and encountered Kaos for the first time within its belly, where the first boss battle occurred.

3DS Version

In the 3DS version of Spyro's Adventure, the Leviathan flies through the skies of Dreamgardens.


  • After stopping the pirate ship from leaving with the statue, letting the character be swallowed by the Leviathan will reveal Leviathan Lagoon's Legendary Treasure.



  • According to Master Eon, the Twin Water Spouts of Ocean Major Minor (a component of the Core of Light) was forged from the scales of the Leviathan.
  • The name, Leviathan, came from the mythical Leviathan, a massive sea serpent.
  • The Leviathan in this game somewhat resembles the Basilisk Leviathan from the Ratchet & Clank series developed by Insomniac Games, the original developers of the Spyro series.
  • The Leviathan's mouth houses 1,672 needle-like teeth.[1]
  • The Leviathan model that they used to design the creature is mounted on the wall in the Toys for Bob company's office.


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