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Life is an elemental class introduced in the Skylanders series.


There is no avoiding the Life Element. It is the Element that ensures Skylands maintans its natural balance. From the tiniest seed to the tallest tree, from the smallest grub to the largest land whale, Skylands teems with Life. The Skylanders who harness the Life element are at one with the plants. The trees and the very soil itself. This grants them incredible abilities to use in the fight against Kaos and his minions. It also means that some of them are jolly good at gardening.

Life is there in the deepest depths of the ocean. It survives in the fiery hearts of volcanoes. Even in the most unhospitable of conditions. Life clings on, and this makes it a very powerful Element.[1] The Elements that make up the Core of Light interact with one another in some remarkable ways, and Life is no exception. Without Life, where would we be?[2]


Skylanders who are associated with the element of Life use abilities that create other living things of their own, from plants to vines to animated dummies. And they like the color green. A lot. They are powerful against the Water Element, but less capable agains the Undead Element.[3]

When opening a Life Gate, the Life Skylander makes a giant vine grow to form a bridge. When in toy form, Life-based Skylanders stand on a pedestal that resembles a pile of leaves.


The Undead Element poses a real threat to Life. The dark, creeping shadows of the Undead sap the Life energy from everything they touch, leaving them withered and frail.[4]

Life Elemental Characters



Kaos' Life Minions



  • While the Undead and the Air elements have two female Skylanders, the Life element is the only element with only one Skylander who is female in Spyro's Adventure.
  • With the exception of Zook, all the original Life Skylanders' Soul Gem powers give them the ability to regain health. 
  • None of the Series 2 Life Skylanders are quadrapedals.
  • This element and the Water element contain two sidekicks.
    • This and the Fire element contains no Series 2 dragons.
      • This and the Magic element are currently the only elements to contain female sidekicks.
  • This, Fire, and Earth are the only elements that don't contain a Skylander who can fly.
    • However, since Sunburn and Flashwing are seen flying only in their trailers, this is the only element without a flying Skylander at all.
      • This and the Water element are the only elements to not have any winged dragons.


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