“My name is Little Bo Peep, and I have lost my cowleks.”
    —Little Bo Peep

Little Bo Peep (Though "Bo Peep" as far as her text box puts it) is a character in the game Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage!. She's found in Zephyr and will give Spyro two orbs, one for recovering five of her cowleks, and another for finding the other two. She hasn't appeared since.


  • She is based on a fairytale character of the same name. And the fact that she requests Spyro to find her cowleks is based on the fairytale character losing her sheep.
  • Despite Bo Peep being female, she is voiced by a male voice actor for comedic effect, giving her a deep voice.
  • In Spanish, her name is translated as "Pequeño Bopin". "Pequeño" is Spanish for "little". Specifically, it is the masculine/neutral gender form of the word, even though Little Bo Peep is female.
    • A similar thing occured with the Italian dub where her name was translated are "Piccolo Bo Beep". Like the Spanish word "Pequeño", "Piccolo" (italian for little) is the masculine/neutral gender form of the word and Bo Peep was mistaken for a male.
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