Lofty Castle (フェアリー トラップ 5-2: Fairy Trap 5-2) is a realm which appears in the Dream Weavers Homeworld. A castle in mid-air, this world is filled with floating armored Gnorcs and Fairies in cages. If you charge or flame the cages, they will break and the fairy will be freed. They will then start up a Whirlwind for Spyro to use.


As with all of the Dream Weaver worlds, Lofty Castle is a gigantic, beautifully-carved, white and gold monument floating atop various lushly-decorated levitating islands. The spires and towers reach high into a red, pink, and blue sky filled with nearby orbiting planets. The sheer color of this wondrous realm is extravagant and awesome, with various floating patches of land to skip along and many backwards, forwards, and sideways-flowing rivers and pools. Fairies like to stay here while in the Dragon Realms, and will always lend a helping hand to any lost visitors. The castle itself is beautiful, with blue rooftops and gold-lined walls. It holds plenty of rooms for the Dream Weavers to get their own beauty sleep in, as well as extra rooms for others. A pool is held in its courtyard with a raised platform in the middle, allowing for some neat swan dives.





Spyro the Dragon 120% Walkthrough - 27 - Lofty Castle

Spyro the Dragon 120% Walkthrough - 27 - Lofty Castle

By ZephyGameGuides



  • This realm is notable for containing the only red spring chest in the entire game. It can be found in the courtyard of the castle.
  • The music is a remixed version of another Stewart Copeland produced track entitled "Bill is Dead," which is on the soundtrack of the 1996 movie, The Pallbearer.
  • The cutscene played after 120% completion takes place in Lofty Castle, at Midnight.
  • In the late demo, Lofty Castle has Dark Hollow's music, Spyro starts off on a platform not present in the final, a few areas are incomplete, and there are a few more enemies.
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