Lost Cities is the second homeworld in the game of Spyro: A Hero's Tail. There are three areas in the Lost Cities: Coastal Remains, Cloudy Domain and Sunken Ruins. The boss is Ineptune.


Coastal Remains

Spyro arrives and the Professor tells him about the teleporter and how he needs to go and see a Dragon Elder in the Cloudy Domain. He then meets Moneybags who tells him he has shops in other realms too, with the same prices. Spyro doesn't learn anything here, but he does help a few of the natives and destroys more dark gems to bring the realm back to life. Coastal Remains was once an ancient city, now is a beautiful shore with seashells, coves and windmills.

Cloudy Domain

It is a city in the clouds of the sky, with machines, birds, industrial areas, a flying airship(not really) and the ominous feeling of an industrial factory. Here Spyro meets Elder Titan, who tells him more about Red and how to use the Wing Shield. He also meets up with Sgt. Byrd again as he goes around bringing the realm back to life.

Sunken Ruins

It is a ruined city deep under the sea, with aquatic architecture, crabs, seashells, mermans, mermaids, fish and statues, as well as underwater areas. Spyro meets Lily, a mermaid who thinks he is a fish, and he also learns about the Professor's Invincibility Gadget. Then he continues working, before destroying all 20 Dark Gems.

Watery Tomb

It is accessible once all 20 Dark Gems are destroyed, and you gain access to the Lost Cities' boss, Ineptune, an evil mermaid. Once defeated, Spyro has the power of Water Breath.

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