“Listen carefully, Spyro: There is a secret area in the Artisans home. It is at the waterfall, try jumping on the stones there.”

Lucas (ルーカス=マジノマール in Japanese) is a Magic Crafters dragon who is found in Wizard Peak. He tells Spyro to jump on the stones in front of the waterfall in order to access a secret area. While it is possible to open the secret area before releasing him, only after releasing him will the stones light up when jumped on.

In the Spyro Reignited Trilogy, Lucas is a mapmaker, a keeper of certain hidden secrets.[1] He now has a more orange color than light brown, plus his right wing has a drawn map of the Artisan waterfalls; and his horns have bronze globes fitted on them. He is also wearing a robe colored similarly to his wings, and his tail has a bronze covering.



  • In the original game, Lucas shared the same character model as Cosmos, Kelvin, Eldrid, and Cyrus.
  • In the late demo, Lucas is just text and his dialogue is different: Thank you for rescuing me, Spyro.
    • He is notable for saying "rescuing" instead of "releasing."


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