The Mabu Market is a marketplace runned by Mabu. It made its only appearance in Skylanders: The Machine of Doom, when it was under attack by invisible trolls who made it look like sheep were flying and attacking the residents.


Hugo went to the Mabu Market with Flynn after seeing that Eon's citadel larders were running low. While he was browsing the stalls, both Hugo and Flynn were attacked by flying sheep and escaped to warn the Skylanders. After seeing the situation through Eon's portal, Spyro, Gill Grunt, and Eruptor were sent to the Market to find out what was going on. They found out that sheep weren't really flying, but were being carried by invisible trolls who were led by a Spell Punk.

While the other Skylanders fought the trolls, Spyro went after the Spell Punk nearby and pinned him down, forcing the wizard to reveal that he and the trolls were testing out an invisibility spell, but the trolls wanted to cause mayhem, therefore drawing attention to themselves. The Spell Punk then accidentally revealed that they were looking for an item called the Chattering Key. Appearing as a frightening projection of his head, Kaos scolded the Spell Punk, and transported the wizard and the remaining trolls back to his lair for punishment. Spyro confronted the floating head of Kaos and demanded to know why he is after the Chattering Key. The evil Portal Master refused to answer the young dragon and disappeared, leaving Spyro to wander about the key.


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