Magic is an element introduced in the Skylanders series. It is considered the most essential of all the eight Elements.


Magic is the force that binds all of the Skylands together. The history of Magic can be traced back to before the Arkeyans. They discovered that a substance called Quicksilver was the very essence of all magical being. They harnessed the power of Magic and combined it with technology to create huge and powerful weapons of war.[1]

The Magic element played a part during the battle between the Skylanders and Kaos's minions. When the Core of Light was destroyed by the Hydra, the Skylanders weren't destroyed by the explosion. By the power of Magic, they were banished in balls of light and jettisoned from Skylands into space. As they hurtled through the unknown, they shrank and froze in time before landing on Earth, where they found new Portal Masters to aid their cause.[2]

Eternal Magic Source

The Eternal Magic Source is the birthplace of all creation. Its power is so great that it cannot be contained, even by the Arkeyans. The Weapon Masters stored the Eternal Magic Source in their armory, where it was guarded for the purpose of preventing future generations from discovering their secrets.


The Quicksilver is the energy that flows through all things magic. It is an ancient oil that is essential to Magic within the Core of Light and must be used to bind every other element together.


Skylanders and enemies who are associated with this element use the art of sorcery or magical powers to take down their opponents. They are strong against Undead but weak against Tech characters in the Battle Arena. The color of this element is purple.

After opening a Magic Gate, the Magic Skylander creates a magical bridge to cross gaps. When in their toy form, Magic-based Skylanders stand on a pedestal that is marked with stars and moons.

Purple Dragons are a rare, magical breed of dragon who use the Magic element to harness the power of all the elements of Skylands.

Magic Elemental Characters




  • All the core Magic Skylanders have a dodecagonal stand.
  • The symbol for the Magic Element is similar in shape to Twilight Sparkle's cutie mark in My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. Coincidently, the symbol also represents the Element of Magic, one in six of the Elements of Harmony in the show.
  • This element and the Earth element are currently the only elements to contain a legendary dragon Skylander.
  • This and the Life element are currently the only elements to contain female sidekicks.
  • Magic has more variants than any other Elements.
  • This is the only element to have Enchanted Skylanders.


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