Magic Items are special objects that help the Skylanders during gameplay in the Skylanders series. When placed on the portal of power, they help your Skylander.

Use on Console

On the console, the items can be activated by placing them on the portal while playing. They will activate instantly and while they have a limited duration, they can be removed from the portal to save the remainder of the time for later in the chapter. When changing or resetting levels, the duration of the items is refreshed.

The adventure pack figures do not have a duration, but can be used once per level to deal 999 damage to all enemies on the screen.

Use on 3DS

In the 3DS version, the items are "registered" with Wendel. They can then be activated an unlimited number of times by pressing the R button. However, each use costs a set amount of radiance crystals.

The adventure pack figures are only used to unlock the corresponding realm in the 3DS version.

Use in Webgame

The items only serve to fill the player's Collection, however registering enough items will result in gaining a Medal as well as a minor gold bonus.

List of Magic Items

Name Image Adventure Pack Effect
Anvil Rain Anvilraintoyform.png Empire of Ice Rains anvils all over the area to damage enemies.
Darklight Crypt Darklightcrypttoyform.png Darklight Crypt Gives access to the Darklight Crypt.
Dragon's Peak Dragonspeaktoyform.png Dragon's Peak Gives access to Dragon's Peak.
Healing Elixir Healingelixirtoyform.png Darklight Crypt Heals Skylanders.
Ghost Pirate Swords Ghostpirateswordstoyform.png Pirate Seas Console: Help defeat enemies.
3DS: Increases attack power.
Hidden Treasure Hiddentreasuretoyform.png Pirate Seas Console: Reveals location of hidden treasure chest.
3DS: Helps collect radiance.
Icicle Cave Empireoficetoyform.png Empire of Ice Gives access to the Empire of Ice.
Pirate Ship Pirateshiptoyform.png Pirate Seas Gives access to the Pirate Seas.
Sky-Iron Shield Sky-ironshieldtoyform.png Empire of Ice Raises the Skylander's armor for a while.
Sparx the Dragonfly Sparxthedragonflytoyform.png Dragon's Peak Breathes fire at enemies.
Time Twister Hourglass Timetwistertoyform.png Darklight Crypt Slows down time for everything but the Skylander.
Volcanic Vault Volcanicvaulttoyform.png Special Offer Console: Unlocks the Volcanic Vault battle arena.
3DS: Cannot be used.
Winged Boots Wingedbootstoyform.png Dragon's Peak Makes Skylander temporarily faster.


  • Sparx the Dragonfly is the only living magic item.
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