Magma Falls is an area of the Volcanic Isle homeworld, which only appeared in Spyro: A Hero's Tail. It is actually divided into two sections, Magma Falls Top and Magma Falls Bottom. It is accessible via a lift from Molten Mount.

Magma Falls is basically the inside of the volcano, with caves, mine shafts, fire, magma and secret chambers. The two sections are linked by the Ball Gadget, which resembles a mine cart in caverns, caves and over magma. Magma Falls Top is the inside of the volcano, full of magma, caverns, mines and fire, about to erupt. Magma Falls Bottom is underground, and is the magma chamber and foundations of the volcano. There is more magma, more fire, more danger and deeper caves and secrets. At the end of the level there are platforms over a large magma chasm that take you to Dark Mine.


Egg Locations

  • Top
    • Turret: In a chest by the Crackling Cave's Remote Pad Shop
  • Ball Gadget
    • Sparx: At the first track, take the right track. Easily missable
    • Sgt. Byrd: Press switch at fourth checkpoint, then take the left track. Can be missable
  • Bottom
    • Concept: Catch the thief
    • Sparx: Complete Sparx Will Fly in Easy Mode

Dark Gem Location

  • At the Chains of Lava in the bottom

Light Gem Locations

  • Top
    • In the Crackling Cave. Use the Wall Kick to reach the high platforms to reach it.
  • Ball Gadget
    • Press the switch at the third checkpoint, then take the right track.
    • Take the right track after the fourth checkpoint. Can be missable
  • Bottom
    • In a chest between the Chains of Lava and the Sparx Will Fly signpost.
    • Defeat eight lava zombies.
    • Complete Sparx Will Fly in Hard Mode