“You've reached the highest point in Cliff Town. You can get to almost anywhere from here. If I were you, I'd use that whirlwind over there.”

Marco (マルド=バトフーチョ Marudo in Japanese) is a Peace Keepers dragon who first appeared in Spyro the Dragon. He is found in Cliff Town.

In the Spyro Reignited Trilogy, Marco is rather slim, with light green fins behind his horns that continue in a fin from his back to tail. He wears a helmet visor, leather tassets on his hips, and notably has metallic prosthetic wings held by straps around his chest, and carries a halberd axe. He also has some armor patches on top of his neck, and a ring on his tail.



  • Marco shares his name with one of the balloonists in the game. Marco is a name originating from Italian, but is also used by Spanish-speaking cultures.
  • In Reignited, Marco appears to have lost his wings (presumably in battle) as he has metallic wings strapped on instead.
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